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World Series Tickets

The Major League's best will battle it out for their shot at becoming world champions in the Fall Classic. Enjoy every second as America’s pastime comes right down to the wire and don’t miss any of the action in the 2023 World Series. Grab your 2023 World Series tickets from Ticket Club and save big.

Will the World Series crown a first-time champion with a Texas Rangers victory? OR will the Arizona Diamondbacks take home the second crown, but first in more than 20 years? Grab tickets from Ticket Club and see in person!

World Series

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World Series's History

The World Series, a significant live sports event, is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball (MLB) in North America. Concluding the MLB postseason, the World Series has been held since 1903. It became a significant part of the American sports calendar, leaving a profound impact on sports as a whole.

The World Series originated as part of a new agreement between the American League (AL) and the National League (NL), the two major baseball leagues at the time. The series was a best-of-nine-games event until 1905, when it was reduced to a best-of-seven contest. The fierce competition between the leagues translated to the field, producing some of the most memorable moments in sports history.

The New York Yankees are the most successful team in the World Series, with 27 titles to their name. No other team has more than the St. Louis Cardinals' 11 victories. The series has seen a plethora of monumental sporting moments, from Babe Ruth's famous "called shot" in 1932 to the Chicago Cubs ending a 108-year championship drought in 2016.

The World Series is not merely a sports event; it is a lively spectacle that brings together MLB fans from across the globe. The thrill of the games is amplified when you experience it live in the stadium. Over the years, ticket sales for the World Series games have grown, reflecting the event's immense appeal and demand among the public. The chance to be part of the history-making moments, feel the energy of the crowd, and witness the triumphs and defeats up close is a unique experience. The World Series live events give fans the chance to be connected with their favorite teams and players in a more intimate, visceral way.

Tickets for the World Series games have always been highly sought after. Prior to the digital age, fans would line up for hours or even days to secure a spot in the stadium. With the advent of technology, purchasing tickets has become simpler and easier. Websites and applications now offer fans the convenience of buying tickets from the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, these platforms often provide detailed seating plans, letting fans choose their preferred viewing spots.

However, it's important to note that ticket prices for the World Series tend to be higher than regular season games, largely because of the significance of the event. The opportunity to witness a World Series game live is a rare and special occasion, warranting the premium pricing. The soaring demand for tickets can also lead to scarcity, making it even more crucial for fans to secure their tickets early.

The World Series is a testament to the power of live sports events. It showcases the best of baseball, provides unforgettable experiences for fans, and significantly contributes to the sports industry's thriving ticket market. As long as the World Series continues to captivate hearts, the demand for live sports events and tickets will persist.

Event Qty x Section / Row StubHub: You Save:
Rapids vs. Sounders FC - 9/20 2x Sec 131, Row 14 $214 $275 $61 (29%)
Luke Bryan - 9/8 2x Rear Orch 4, Row G $301 $351 $50 (17%)
Hamilton - 9/6 2x Balc, Row MM $515 $593 $78 (15%)
Prices as of 6/8/2023
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MLB Playoffs History – World Series Champions By Year

1903 - Boston Americans
1905 - New York Giants
1906 - Chicago White Sox
1907-08 - Chicago Cubs
1909 - Pittsburgh Pirates
1910-11 - Philadelphia Athletics
1912 - Boston Red Sox
1913 - Philadelphia Athletics
1914 - Boston Braves
1915-16 - Boston Red Sox
1917 - Chicago White Sox
1918 - Boston Red Sox
1919 - Cincinnati Reds
1920 - Cleveland Indians
1921-22 - New York Giants
1923 - New York Yankees
1924 - Washington Senators
1925 - Pittsburgh Pirates
1926 - St. Louis Cardinals
1927-28 - New York Yankees
1929-30 - Philadelphia Athletics
1931 - St. Louis Cardinals
1932 - New York Yankees
1933 - New York Giants
1934 - St. Louis Cardinals
1935 - Detroit Tigers
1936-39 - New York Yankees
1940 - Cincinnati Reds
1941 - New York Yankees
1942 - St. Louis Cardinals
1943 - New York Yankees
1944 - St. Louis Cardinals
1945 - Detroit Tigers
1946 - St. Louis Cardinals
1947 - New York Yankees
1948 - Cleveland Indians
1949-53 - New York Yankees
1954 - New York Giants
1955 - Brooklyn Dodgers
1956 - New York Yankees
1957 - Milwaukee Braves
1958 - New York Yankees
1959 - Los Angeles Dodgers
1960 - Pittsburgh Pirates
1961-62 - New York Yankees
1963 - Los Angeles Dodgers
1964 - St. Louis Cardinals
1965 - Los Angeles Dodgers
1966 - Baltimore Orioles
1967 - St. Louis Cardinals
1968 - Detroit Tigers
1969 - New York Mets
1970 - Baltimore Orioles
1971 - Pittsburgh Pirates
1972-74 - Oakland Athletics
1975-76 - Cincinnati Reds
1977-78 - New York Yankees
1979 - Pittsburgh Pirates
1980 - Philadelphia Phillies
1981 - Los Angeles Dodgers
1982 - St. Louis Cardinals
1983 - Baltimore Orioles
1984 - Detroit Tigers
1985 - Kansas City Royals
1986 - New York Mets
1987 - Minnesota Twins
1988 - Los Angeles Dodgers
1989 - Oakland Athletics
1990 - Cincinnati Reds
1991 - Minnesota Twins
1992-93 - Toronto Blue Jays
1995 - Atlanta Braves
1996 - New York Yankees
1997 - Florida Marlins
1998-00 - New York Yankees
2001 - Arizona Diamondbacks
2002 - Anaheim Angels
2003 - Florida Marlins
2004 - Boston Red Sox
2005 - Chicago White Sox
2006 - St. Louis Cardinals
2007 - Boston Red Sox
2008 - Philadelphia Phillies
2009 - New York Yankees
2010 - San Francisco Giants
2011 - St. Louis Cardinals
2012 - San Francisco Giants
2013 - Boston Red Sox
2014 - San Francisco Giants
2015 - Kansas City Royals
2016 - Chicago Cubs
2017 - Houston Astros
2018 - Boston Red Sox
2019 - Washington Nationals
2020 - Los Angeles Dodgers
2021 - Atlanta Braves
2022 - Houston Astros