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About Ticket Club, and why our pricing works

The short version

Ticket Club has a special relationship with our ticket exchange that allows us to cut certain costs. This allows us to offer tickets at a much lower profit margin than other websites do.

The long version

The secondary ticket industry is complicated. There are several parties involved, and they all get some cut of a given ticket sale.

The venues, artists and teams are mainly concerned with selling out tickets and not looking "greedy". So they typically underprice the face value of tickets.

Resellers capitalize on this, flipping those underpriced tickets for profit. That's always happened, but the internet has allowed it to happen at a massively larger scale.

This led to ticket exchanges, which bring sanity and safety to this new online scene. Exchanges allow resellers to list tickets on a big collective marketplace, and sell software to help them manage their listings.

Exchanges have the critical role of guaranteeing the sale on both sides. They protect buyers from fake or duplicate tickets, and sellers from fraud or dishonest buyers. They charge a seller's fee to bring in revenue, and reward reliable sellers with lower rates.

Lastly, there are websites, which make an exchange's listings available to the public, handling the advertising and marketing side of things. They normally pay the ticket exchange a cut to use their listings, and get their revenue from a service fee added at checkout.

That brings us to Ticket Club.

Ticket Club is a website, but unlike most others we don't need to pay a ticket exchange - because we're a subsidiary of one (specifically, TicketNetwork).

As such, instead of needing a service fee to make money, the seller's fees that go to the exchange can effectively be considered our revenue. We also get to use a lot of TicketNetwork's shared resources to limit costs.

There are other sites in a similar situation - TicketNetwork.com, Stubhub.com and more. But instead of passing their savings on to customers, they just charge the same high rates as other sites.

Ticket Club doesn't. Instead we use our lower costs to offer lower prices via a membership program. When you have a Ticket Club membership, buying tickets elsewhere just rarely makes any sense.

With that comes loyal customers. And there are enough of them, and enough who tell friends, for us to be competitive in that way. We hope you can join in too.

100% Guarantee

Your tickets will be valid, and you'll get them in time for the event. 100% guaranteed.