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The Molly Ringwalds

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Jun 7
8:00 PM
The Molly Ringwalds
Von Braun Center Mars Music Hall - Huntsville, AL
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Jun 8
8:00 PM
The Molly Ringwalds
Avondale Brewing Company - Birmingham, AL
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Jun 28
9:00 PM
The Molly Ringwalds
Soul Kitchen - Mobile, AL
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The Molly Ringwalds's History

The Molly Ringwalds, a quintessential '80s tribute band, are a renowned group that has enchanted audiences worldwide with their high-energy performances and nostalgic tributes to the music of the decade. Born in Sheffield, England, the band delivers renditions of the most beloved hits from the 1980s. Over their years of playing, they have racked up an impressive list of live concert events, attracting thousands of fans who are eager to purchase tickets and experience their electrifying concerts.

Comprising Sir Devon Nooner (vocals), Lord Philip Wang (bass), Platinum Randi Wilde (guitar), Sir Liam Thunders (drums), and Dickie English (keyboards), The Molly Ringwalds came together in 1999 with a shared love for 80s music that runs so deep, they've adopted stage personas that embody the essence of the decade's various music genres. Taking their band name from the famous '80s actress, Molly Ringwald, the group has built a brand on their dedication to accurately reproducing the sounds of the past.

Their live concerts are not just a musical journey into the past, but also a spectacle of retro fashion, complete with wigs, costumes, and choreography that is a visual homage to the decade they adore. The band serves up these nostalgia-infused performances, adding unique theatrical elements to their acts, making them a must-see live act for any fan of the 1980s music scene.

The group has graced stages at various venues and music festivals across the globe. Notably, they've headlined events like the House of Blues, SEC Football Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, and festivals like the Summer Camp Music Festival in Illinois to name just a few. Fans scramble to get their tickets as soon as they go on sale, as the band's reputation for stellar live performances has made their concerts hot commodities.

Despite being a cover band, The Molly Ringwalds have managed to create a distinct identity for themselves through their dynamic on-stage performances. They don’t just cover songs; they recreate them, often playing a multitude of instruments and utilizing harmonies to achieve a sound that is as close as possible to the original. Above all, they make sure that their renditions carry the same energy and vibrancy that defined the original hits of the '80s, resulting in a concert experience that is an absolute thrill for the audience.

Furthermore, the band’s performances are characterized by a potent combination of nostalgia and novelty. While their songs take listeners back to the '80s, their energetic stage presence and tongue-in-cheek humor bring a freshness that keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout the concert.

The Molly Ringwalds have successfully transported people back to the vibrant and diverse music scene of the '80s, giving them a chance to experience the decade's music in its full glory. For those who have missed out on their concerts, tickets are always in high demand, and it’s highly recommended to get them as soon as sales open for the next event.

A concert by The Molly Ringwalds guarantees a night of fun and nostalgia, filled with the music that defined an era. Their dedication to authentic reproduction, coupled with their charismatic stage presence, assures a memorable concert experience that no fan of the '80s should miss.

More About The Molly Ringwalds

One of the group's most popular live songs is “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. The Molly Ringwalds showcase their musical versatility by delivering a powerfully emotive performance, embracing the anthemic nature of the song. This classic 80s song never fails to get the crowd singing along, creating a unified chorus of voices that underscores the sense of unity and shared nostalgia at every live event.

Another crowd favorite is “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. The band's energetic rendition of this rock anthem consistently brings the house down, with audience members enthusiastically singing along to the famous chorus. This song is a staple of The Molly Ringwalds’ live concerts, contributing significantly to the high demand for their tickets.

Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” is another popular choice in their live setlist. Their ability to capture the new wave essence of the original while adding their enticing touch makes it a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The band's commitment to recreating the authentic 80s sound is a key factor in their live event success, causing an increase in demand for tickets with every performance.

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses is a further testament to The Molly Ringwalds’ irresistible live performances. The hard rock anthem allows the band to demonstrate their impressive musical range, whilst simultaneously providing an exhilarating experience for fans. It’s no surprise that the song frequently features in their live shows, contributing to the appeal of their concerts and the surge in their ticket sales.

Moreover, The Molly Ringwalds perform a scintillating rendition of “Take on Me” by A-ha. Their up-tempo performance and infectious energy make this a true highlight that never fails to get the crowd dancing and singing along. The unique blend of pop and synth, coupled with the fan's eagerness to partake in the iconic high note in the chorus, results in a burst of energy in the crowd every time.

The popularity of these songs during The Molly Ringwalds' live events has undoubtedly contributed to the band's increasing ticket sales. Their concerts are an exciting blend of nostalgia, infectious energy, and superior musical performances. Every ticket guarantees a journey back to the unforgettable era of 80s music, a testament to the band's commitment to providing a high-quality and immersive musical experience.

So if you’re looking for a ticket to a vibrant journey into the past, make sure to secure your seats at The Molly Ringwalds’ next live event. Whether you’re there for the nostalgia or to experience the timelessness of 80s music, this band's live renditions of the era's most popular hits promise an unforgettable night.

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