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The Devil Makes Three

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The Devil Makes Three's History

The Devil Makes Three, an Americana band from Santa Cruz, California, has a rich and unique history that has propelled them to international fame. Their signature blend of bluegrass, old-time music, country, folk, blues, jazz, and ragtime has captured the hearts of fans across the globe. However, it’s not just their music that has set them apart, but also their electrifying live performances.

The band was formed in 2002, but the roots of its inception date several years back. The band members, Pete Bernhard, Lucia Turino, and Cooper McBean, had been friends since childhood. They shared a mutual passion for music and a somewhat non-traditional approach to it. They initially started playing music together in informal settings, such as house parties, before officially forming the band, The Devil Makes Three.

The band’s name, The Devil Makes Three, reflects the trio's playful spirit. They have never been tied down to one genre, consistently pushing boundaries and experimenting with their sound. It is this audacious spirit that has engendered the band's cult following, and their live concerts are at the center of this devotion.

The band's live performances have garnered a reputation for their energetic and engaging style. From local bars in Santa Cruz to world-renowned venues like the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, every concert is a memorable event. Each show is unpredictable, filled with raw intensity, spontaneous improvisations, and a palpable connection between the band and the audience.

The band's unique blend of genres coupled with their dynamic live performances quickly caught the attention of the music industry and fans alike. They have since performed in major music festivals such as Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Austin City Limits and the Newport Folk Festival. They've shared the stage with a diverse array of musicians from Emmylou Harris to the Avett Brothers.

When it comes to tickets for The Devil Makes Three's concerts, fans often scramble to get their hands on them. The combination of the band's high-energy performances and their intimate rapport with the audience makes their shows a hot ticket. Many of their concerts sell out quickly, reinforcing the loyal following they have cultivated over the years.

A milestone moment in The Devil Makes Three's live concert history was their 2014 performance at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It was a testament to their growing popularity and the increasing demand for their live shows. The band played to a sold-out crowd, delivering a performance that further solidified their reputation for unforgettable live shows.

Despite their success, The Devil Makes Three remain committed to their roots, regularly returning to smaller venues and cities they've played in their early days. This dedication to their fans and their love for live performances has only strengthened their bond with their audience.

In conclusion, The Devil Makes Three's journey has been marked by an unwavering passion for music and a true dedication to their fans. Their live concerts are not just performances, but immersive experiences that offer a glimpse into the band's unique musical universe. Whether it's a small pub or a large music festival, the band's objective remains the same: to share their love for music with their fans. Their history is a testament to the power of live music, and the joy it brings to both the performers and the audience.

More About The Devil Makes Three

One of their most popular live songs is "Old Number 7". This tune is an ode to Jack Daniels whiskey, filled with powerful guitar riff melodies and catchy lyrics. During live performances, the rawness of Pete Bernhard's voice, combined with the energetic rhythms from Lucia Turino on double bass and Cooper McBean on banjo, makes for an intoxicating experience. The crowd always responds enthusiastically, singing along and swaying to the rhythm. Many fans aspire to score tickets just to witness this iconic performance live.

"Drunken Hearted Man" is another crowd favorite during live events. The song showcases the band's exceptional skill in storytelling. It's a heart-wrenching tale of a man battling his inner demons and losing himself to alcoholism. The song's lyrical depth and musical complexity are highlighted in the live performances. Despite its somber lyrics, the song's energy creates a passionate atmosphere that resonates with each member of the audience. It's the kind of song that inspires fans to secure tickets early to ensure they don't miss out.

"Graveyard" is yet another popular live song from The Devil Makes Three. Its haunting lyrics and catchy beat create a captivating experience for fans. The band's extraordinary harmonies, combined with fervent instrumentals, breathe life into the song during live performances. This is one song that sends chills down the listener's spine, especially when performed at night under the glow of stage lights. Audiences feel a rush of excitement when they hear the opening notes, justifying their purchase of tickets.

"The Bullet" stands out during live shows with its melancholic melody and profound lyrics. The song tells a dark story about a bullet’s life journey, representing the harsh realities of life and death. The band's passionate delivery during live performances provides a gripping interpretation of the song that remains with fans long after the concert has ended.

If you ever have the chance to attend a The Devil Makes Three concert, do not hesitate to grab a ticket. Their live performances are a unique experience; they take their studio songs and give them an additional layer of authenticity and energy that can only be truly appreciated in person. Their most popular live songs, combined with their palpable on-stage chemistry, always make for memorable experiences.

In a world where digitized music often takes center stage, The Devil Makes Three makes a compelling case for the value of live performances. Their popular live songs continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide, regularly driving fans to purchase tickets to their concerts. If you're a fan of good music and immersive performances, securing a ticket to their live events should be on your to-do list.

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