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The Breeders

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Apr 5
7:30 PM
Olivia Rodrigo
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
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Apr 6
7:30 PM
Olivia Rodrigo
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
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Aug 13
7:30 PM
Olivia Rodrigo
The Kia Forum - Inglewood, CA
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Aug 14
7:30 PM
Olivia Rodrigo
The Kia Forum - Inglewood, CA
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The Breeders's History

Formed in 1989, The Breeders are an alternative rock band from Dayton, Ohio, renowned for their live performances and unique sound. They were initially formed as a side project by Kim Deal of the Pixies and Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses. Debuting with their album "Pod" in 1990, they gained commercial success with their second album "Last Splash" in 1993, featuring their most successful single, "Cannonball."

One of the defining features of The Breeders has always been their live performances. The band's eclectic playlists for their concerts and the distinctive chemistry on stage, especially the rapport between Kim and Kelley Deal, have drawn rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The Breeders' concerts are known for their contagious energy, showcasing a perfect mix of their popular hits, new material, and surprise covers such as "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" by The Beatles.

The Breeders have toured extensively throughout their career, playing at large festivals like Lollapalooza and All Tomorrow's Parties, as well as smaller, more intimate venues. Their live performances are often filled with raw, punk energy, matched with tight musicianship. One of the most remarkable aspects of their gigs is their ability to recreate the distinctive sound and vibes of their recorded music, while injecting a unique energy exclusive to the live experience.

Over the years, the band has gone through various hiatuses and line-up changes, but the Deal sisters have remained constant, ensuring the preservation of The Breeders' distinctive sound. In 2018, the classic 1993 line-up of the band reunited and went on a world tour, marking a significant moment for fans worldwide. Tickets for their shows sold out at a record pace, affirming the band's lasting appeal and relevance in the music scene.

Buying tickets for their live concerts became a memorable experience in itself for fans, as venues were often packed, and tickets were usually sold out within hours. That's not surprising considering the reputation The Breeders have built over the years. Their live shows are a testament to their musical prowess and the remarkable connection they have nurtured with their audience.

The band's preference for smaller venues has also contributed to the allure of their concerts. The restricted capacity often makes their concerts feel more personal and intimate, allowing a closer connection between the band and the audience. This unique experience often leads to tickets being highly sought after, with fans eager to enjoy the powerful performances and the intimate atmosphere.

The Breeders' concerts are also a celebration of their rich history. The band often performs songs spanning their entire career, all while maintaining their characteristic sound and style. New fans and longtime listeners alike can enjoy the band’s shows, as they offer a journey through the band's discography, from their early hits like "Cannonball" to newer songs from their most recent albums.

In conclusion, The Breeders' enduring appeal lies not just in their unique brand of alternative rock, but also in their engaging live performances. With fans eagerly awaiting the release of new performance dates, it's clear that The Breeders' concerts remain a significant event in the concert calendars of many music lovers around the world. The anticipation that comes with securing a ticket to see The Breeders live truly speaks volumes about the band's lasting impact in the music scene.

More About The Breeders

One of the most popular live songs by The Breeders is "Cannonball." This song, with its quirky, distinctive intro, and irresistible momentum, never fails to drive the crowd wild at concerts. The song's energy leaves the audience dancing and singing along. “Cannonball” typically serves as the centerpiece in their shows, proving that the thrill of hearing it live transcends generations. Witnessing this iconic song getting performed live is a major pull for fans to get tickets to The Breeders’ live events.

Another live favorite is "Divine Hammer." This song is popular for its upbeat, catchy rhythm and has become a staple in The Breeders' live repertoire. Its joyous tone and catchy chorus create a vibrant atmosphere that resonate with concert-goers. Tickets for their shows almost guarantee a lively performance of this infectious track.

"Drivin' on 9," a cover that became one of their most beloved songs, has engendered a special energy in The Breeders' live performances. The crowd often sways and sings along word for word, demonstrating the deep emotional connection the fans have with this mesmerizing track. The Breeders’ concerts rarely go without a rendition of this charmingly rustic song, a fact that has fans eager to secure a spot in their live shows.

"No Aloha" is another crowd favorite, loved by fans for its emotional depth and sonic intricacy. It is one of those songs that seem to gain an extra layer of depth when performed live; the raw, passionate delivery by the band members making it a highly sought-after live experience. Fans are always excited to get concert tickets in anticipation of this powerful performance.

Lastly, "Last Splash" is a song that sends waves of joy through the crowd at live performances. Its driving beat, combined with the band's kinetic energy on stage, creates a live music experience like no other. The song’s buoyant charm ensures it a secure place in the setlist, making it another reason for the steady demand for The Breeders’ concert tickets.

Tickets to The Breeders' live events are often in high demand, and it's not hard to see why. Their live interpretations of their most popular songs enhance the connection between the band and their fans. The Breeders’ reputation for delivering mesmerizing live performances makes scoring a ticket to their concert a top priority for indie rock enthusiasts. From "Cannonball" to "Last Splash," each song takes on a new life in a live setting, providing audiences with an unforgettable, immersive experience.

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