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Pokey Bear

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Apr 26
8:00 PM
Dallas Blues Festival: King George, LeBrado, Pokey Bear & Lenny Williams
Texas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie - Grand Prairie, TX
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Apr 27
7:00 PM
The Blues is Alright Tour: King George, Pokey Bear, Lenny Williams & Theodis Ealey
The Criterion - Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City, OK
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Jun 28
7:30 PM
Kings of Southern Soul Celebration: King George, Pokey Bear & Ronnie Bell
BJCC Concert Hall - Birmingham, AL
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Jun 29
7:00 PM
Southern Soul Blues Celebration: King George, Pokey Bear, Tucka & J-WONN
Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park - Atlanta, GA
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Pokey Bear's History

Pokey Bear, also known as Pokey, is a household name in the Southern Soul and Blues community. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Pokey Bear is an eminent singer whose unique voice and dynamic performances have won hearts across the globe. Known for his memorable live concerts, Pokey Bear brings an irresistible energy to each event that keeps audiences captivated from start to finish.

In the world of Southern Soul music, live performances are the cornerstones of an artist's career. Pokey Bear is no exception to this, as his concerts have become legendary for their infectious rhythms and compelling storytelling. Each show is a culmination of raw emotional expression and electrifying music that perfectly embodies the spirit of Southern Soul and Blues.

Pokey Bear began his music journey in the early 2000s. Initially, he performed in local clubs around Baton Rouge and slowly established his reputation as an exceptional live performer. His 2014 breakthrough single, "My Sidepiece," rocketed Pokey Bear into the limelight, becoming a Southern Soul anthem and cementing Pokey's status as a leading artist in the genre.

Following the success of "My Sidepiece", concert-goers began flocking to Pokey Bear's performances. His live shows became a melting pot of soulful harmonies, foot-tapping rhythms, and Pokey's captivating stage presence. With each live concert, he created a unique space where audiences could experience and celebrate the rich culture of Southern Soul music.

The tickets to Pokey Bear's concerts are sought after by fans worldwide. To attend a Pokey Bear concert is to partake in an unforgettable musical journey. The vibrant atmospheres of his live shows radiate a contagious joy that leaves audiences dancing in their seats. Pokey Bear's shows are more than just concerts; they're communal celebrations of music, love, and life.

Pokey Bear's concert success is not limited to his individual performances. He has headlined numerous music festivals and participated in several high-profile Southern Soul concerts. One of his most notable appearances was at the Southern Soul Music Festival in 2019, where he performed alongside various renowned artists like Sir Charles Jones and Tucka. The festival tickets sold swiftly, further proving Pokey Bear's appeal as a live performer.

Moreover, Pokey Bear has also taken his electrifying concerts beyond the borders of the United States. With a significant fan base in Europe, he has been invited to perform at various international music festivals, delivering his unique blend of Southern Soul and engaging storytelling to an increasingly global audience.

Pokey Bear's journey in the world of music is an inspirational testament to the power of authenticity. From his humble beginnings performing at local clubs to becoming one of the leading figures in the Southern Soul genre, Pokey Bear's success is a result of his unmatched talent, relentless hard work, and dedication to his craft.

However, the heart of Pokey Bear's success lies in his live concerts. He creates a unique connection with his audience, allowing them to not only hear but feel the passion and depth of Southern Soul music. With a concert ticket to see Pokey Bear, you're not just buying an evening of entertainment, but a mesmerizing, soul-stirring experience that will resonate with you long after the last note fades away.

More About Pokey Bear

Among the most popular live songs performed by Pokey Bear is his hit single "My Sidepiece". This song has become a staple of his live performances, often serving as the show's highlight that fans anticipate throughout the concert. The catchy, rhythmic tune paired with the relatable narrative of the lyrics invariably ignites the crowd. Their cheers when the recognizable beat drops are a testament to the song's popularity and success. Pokey Bear's outstanding live rendition of this song, which includes his raw and passionate vocal delivery, elevates "My Sidepiece" to another level, creating an unforgettable concert experience.

Another fan-favorite is "They Call Me Pokey". This song showcases Pokey Bear's signature sound and charm, which is particularly captivating when experienced live. Pokey Bear's clear affinity for the stage, along with his dynamic vocals, contribute to this song's popularity. The crowd often sings along, making it a shared experience that adds to the overall aura of unity and love for music. "They Call Me Pokey," when performed live, is the embodiment of southern blues and solidifies Pokey Bear's reputation as a true powerhouse in the genre.

"I Can't Be Faithful" is another one of Pokey Bear's popular live songs. Its catchy refrain and rhythm are irresistible, making it a sure crowd-pleaser during his concerts. This song, which discusses the struggles of monogamy, has a universal appeal that resonates with many fans, making its live rendition exceptionally impactful.

Pokey Bear's live performances are known for their high-energy delivery and his ability to connect with the audience. His concerts are typically packed with fans eager to experience his music and enjoy his dynamic stage presence. This has led to a high demand for Pokey Bear tickets, which often sell out quickly due to his steadily growing fanbase.

Many fans find that Pokey Bear’s live performances further amplify the energy and emotion of his studio recordings. His ability to interact with his audience and engage them in his performances provides an element of authenticity and spontaneity that simply cannot be replicated in a recording studio. This connection between Pokey Bear and his fans is a testament to the lasting impact of his music.

There's no doubt that Pokey Bear is a vibrant and talented artist who knows how to entertain a crowd. His popular live songs not only showcase his immense talent but also his unfiltered passion for music. Attending a Pokey Bear concert is not just about listening to great music, but being part of an unforgettable musical journey. It's about the anticipation of hearing your favorite songs, the exhilaration of singing along, and the thrill of being part of a crowd that shares your love for Pokey Bear's music.

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