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Less than Jake

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Jun 15
2:00 PM
The Denver Ska Fest: Goldfinger, Less Than Jake & Five Iron Frenzy
Sculpture Park - Denver, CO
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Less Than Jake's History

Less Than Jake is a ska punk band hailing from Gainesville, Florida, that formed in 1992. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Chris DeMakes, bassist and vocalist Roger Lima, drummer Vinnie Fiorello, trombonist Buddy Schaub, and saxophonist Peter "JR" Wasilewski. Their music is known for its lively, upbeat melodies and humorous, often irreverent lyrics. Over the years, the band has amassed a devoted fanbase and become one of the most recognizable names in the ska punk genre.

Less Than Jake first burst onto the scene with their debut album, "Pezcore," in 1995. The album was a critical and commercial success and helped to establish the band as a force to be reckoned with in the ska punk world. From there, they released a string of popular albums, including "Losing Streak," "Hello Rockview," and "Anthem," all of which showcased their unique blend of ska, punk, and pop sensibilities.

One of the things that sets Less Than Jake apart from other bands in the ska punk genre is their energetic and engaging live shows. The band is known for their high-energy performances, which often include crowd participation and plenty of opportunities for fans to dance and sing along. This focus on live performances has helped to solidify their reputation as one of the best live acts in the genre.

Over the years, Less Than Jake has toured extensively, both in the US and abroad. They have played countless shows and festivals, including Warped Tour, Reading and Leeds Festival, and Punk Rock Bowling. Along the way, they have built up a loyal fanbase that eagerly snaps up tickets to their shows whenever they are announced.

Despite their success and longevity, Less Than Jake shows no signs of slowing down. They continue to tour and release new music, and their infectious energy and irreverent humor are as strong as ever. For fans of ska punk, less Than Jake is a must-see live act, and tickets to their shows are always in high demand.

In conclusion, Less Than Jake is a beloved ska punk band that has been entertaining crowds for nearly 30 years. Their unique blend of pop, punk, and ska sensibilities, coupled with their engaging and energetic live shows, has earned them a devoted fanbase and cemented their status as one of the best live acts in the genre. For fans of Less Than Jake, the chance to see them live is a can't-miss opportunity, and tickets to their shows are always in high demand.

More About Less Than Jake

1. "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads"

"All My Best Friends Are Metalheads" has become a staple of Less Than Jake's live shows since its release in 1998. The song's catchy ska-punk sound and relatable lyrics about feeling like an outsider have made it a fan favorite. When performed live, the song's infectious energy can get an entire audience singing and dancing along.

2. "The Science Of Selling Yourself Short"

"The Science Of Selling Yourself Short" is another popular song from Less Than Jake that often appears on their live setlists. The song's slow, melodic opening builds to a fast-paced, upbeat chorus, making it a hit with fans who love to dance and sing along. The lyrics, which touch on themes of self-doubt and acceptance, resonate strongly with audiences of all ages.

3. "Gainesville Rock City"

"Gainesville Rock City" is a tribute to the band's hometown of Gainesville, Florida. The song's punk rock sound and catchy, shouted chorus make it a fan favorite. When played live, the song often leads to massive singalongs and crowd surfing, as fans show their love for both the band and the city of Gainesville.

4. "Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts"

"Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts" is one of Less Than Jake's earliest songs, released on their 1995 album "Losing Streak." The song's ska-punk sound and tongue-in-cheek lyrics about being accused of selling out have made it a classic among fans. When played live, the song often inspires mosh pits and crowd surfing, as fans let loose and have a good time.

5. "History Of A Boring Town"

"History Of A Boring Town" is a melancholy ballad about feeling stuck in a small town with no hope of escape. The song's slow, melodic sound and relatable lyrics have made it a fan favorite since its release in 2000. When played live, the song often elicits emotional responses from fans, who sing along to every word and sway to the music.

Overall, Less Than Jake's live shows are known for their high energy, catchy music, and engaging performances. Fans flock to their concerts year after year, eager to hear their favorite songs and be a part of the band's infectious enthusiasm. If you're a fan of Less Than Jake, be sure not to miss their next live show – tickets are sure to sell out fast!

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