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Sep 12
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Maryland Hall For The Creative Arts - Annapolis, MD
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Aug 22
7:30 PM
Needtobreathe & Johnnyswim
Pacific Amphitheatre - Costa Mesa, CA
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Sep 12
8:00 PM
Maryland Hall For The Creative Arts - Annapolis, MD
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Johnnyswim's History

Johnnyswim is a husband and wife duo, Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano, who have forged their identity through remarkable music. Known for their soulful folk-pop sound, they've cultivated a vast fanbase, attracting listeners to their live concerts across diverse spectrums. Their story as a band is unique, as their evolution has been heavily influenced by their individual backgrounds and shared experiences, featuring a strong emphasis on live performance.

Abner Ramirez, originally from Jacksonville, Florida, studied music at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts; while Amanda Sudano, the daughter of disco and pop legend Donna Summer, honed her skills in her childhood, surrounded by music and creativity. They met after a Sunday service in Nashville, and, after four years of friendship, decided to form a band, merging their first names to create the band moniker, 'Johnnyswim'.

The duo's performances are recognized for their electric chemistry, remarkable vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. This unique blend has made their live concerts a sensation, with tickets often selling out rapidly. They have performed at various high-profile platforms including The Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and at festivals like Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits.

Their debut EP, '1-4', was released in 2008. Following this, they came out with another EP, 'Heart Beats', in 2012. However, their breakthrough moment came in 2013 with the release of their full-length debut album, 'Diamonds'. This album made waves both critically and commercially, resulting in the duo embarking on multiple sold-out tours throughout North America, Europe, and the UK.

Coupled with their studio success, what particularly stands out about Johnnyswim is their live performances. Their chemistry on stage is palpable, and fans eagerly anticipate their concert events. The importance they place on live performances is evident in the release of "Live at Rockwood Music Hall" in 2012, a testament to their memorable, energetic performances.

Whether they’re performing in intimate venues or large concert halls, Johnnyswim concerts are known for their special energy. The duo's love for their craft is visibly poured into each concert, making their events an immersive experience for the audience. Audiences often speak about the unique energy they bring to the stage, infusing their shows with a blend of heartfelt ballads and high-energy numbers.

In their concerts, they offer fans a unique blend of folk, soul, and pop. Johnnyswim’s performances are characterized by their soul-stirring harmonies, poignant lyrics, and their ability to infuse every song with deep emotion. Their concerts have a magnetic charm that draws listeners in, making every seat feel like a front-row experience.

Their ticket sales often skyrocket, reflecting their rise in popularity over the years. Their concerts are more than just a musical event; they are an emotional journey that resonates with audiences long after the curtains close. Fans have come to associate Johnnyswim ticket purchases with the promise of a night filled with soulful music, deep connection, and unforgettable performances.

Johnnyswim continues to uphold their reputation as one of the top live performance duos. They have demonstrated the power of music to bring people together, both through their personal love story and their professional journey as musicians. Their live concerts continue to be a testament to their talent, chemistry, and the undeniable connection they share with their audience.

More About Johnnyswim

"Bridges" is one of the duo's most popular songs that often features in their live performances. The song's poignant lyrics ring through the venue, captivating audiences as Amanda and Abner’s harmonies interweave to form a symphony of sound. The sultry tones of the song mixed with their melodic voices create an environment of intimacy and raw emotion, which makes fans constantly look out for event tickets to experience this live.

"First Try" is another popular song by Johnnyswim. Performing it live, the duo exudes an energy that is palpable. Their connection on stage, combined with the song's lyrical content, makes this song a hit with audiences. Johnnyswim’s ability to put their vulnerability on display through their music connects them to their fans on a deeper level.

"Home" is a song that truly showcases the duo's ability to blend different music genres seamlessly. It packs a punch with its uplifting message and catchy beat, making it a popular choice for their live concerts. Its narrative about enduring love and the search for a sense of belonging resonates with fans, making it a staple at their concerts.

"Annie" is another live favorite. The duo's vocal harmony and the emotional depth of the lyrics make it a captivating performance. It showcases the duo's talent, allowing them to demonstrate their range and versatility.

"Diamonds" is a powerful song that gets the audience grooving at live concerts. JohnnySwim’s harmonious vocals blend perfectly with the song's upbeat rhythm, making it a fan-favorite anthem. The impeccable connection between Amanda and Abner on stage, combined with the song's potent energy, takes their concerts from a mere live music event to a memorable experience.

"Take the World", a beautiful ballad often performed as the finale at their concerts, stirs the hearts of the audience with its meaningful lyrics. Its message about love’s power and the compelling harmony between Amanda and Abner leave fans with a lasting impression.

Tickets for Johnnyswim’s live events are coveted by music lovers across the globe, as they are guaranteed a night of incredible live music, soul-stirring performances, and an unforgettable experience. The duo's chemistry on stage is electric and infectious, pulling audiences into their world of music.

The popularity of these songs at Johnnyswim's live concerts testifies to the duo's amazing talent and unique sound. Their concerts are more than an event; they are a musical journey that leaves the audience enchanted. Therefore, if you're seeking an experience full of beautiful harmonies, catchy melodies, raw emotions, and powerful performances, securing tickets to a Johnnyswim live event should be on your priority list.

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