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Devo's History

Devo, the eclectic American rock band, was formed in 1973 and quickly gained a name for its distinctive style of music, strong visual component, thought-provoking satirical works, and unforgettable live performances. The name Devo itself was derived from the concept of 'de-evolution', implying that instead of evolving, mankind was regressing due to the degrading effect of modern societal pressures.

The band was formed by members Gerald Casale, Bob Mothersbaugh, Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Lewis, and Jim Mothersbaugh, with Bob Lewis and Gerald Casale often credited as the founding members. The band's music was unique, combining elements of punk, art rock, new wave and electronic music. Devo's live concerts were unique experiences that combined music, surprise, spontaneity, and a measure of anarchy, making them a must-see event on the music scene.

Their live concerts were an essential part of their image and became famous for their spectacle and innovation. Often, their performances would incorporate theatrical elements, with the band members wearing eccentric outfits and masks, adding an essential visual component to their music. This made tickets to Devo concerts a highly sought commodity.

Their live performances also served as a platform for their satirical commentary on society, politics, and pop culture. Each gig was as much a performance piece as it was a concert, complete with choreographed movements, unique set designs, and multimedia projections which often included short films that they had created. Their show at the 1977 Sundance Festival where they wore yellow jumpsuits and 3D glasses, spreading the concept of 'de-evolution' to the audience, was a particularly notable example of their unique approach to live performances.

Devo made a significant impact in the early 1980s with their hit single "Whip It", which became a top 20 hit. The music video for "Whip It" also gained a lot of attention and played a significant role in their breakthrough into mainstream music. Their concerts during this period, featuring their iconic energy dome hats, became legendary, selling out tickets in record time.

Over the years, despite several lineup changes, Devo continued to be a major draw for live concerts. They were known for their dynamic, high-energy performances. Their concerts often featured intriguing opening acts, adding an element of surprise to the events. In 2014, they appeared at the Desert Daze music festival, delivering a performance that was hailed by many as a festival highlight. Their live performances have consistently been rated highly by fans and critics alike.

Devo concerts are not just about the music but the entire experience. It's a unique blend of sound, vision, and concept that manages to entertain while also making a statement. Their live shows are a testament to their creative energy and constant innovation, providing audiences with an experience that elevates beyond the typical concert event.

In conclusion, Devo’s innovative approach to their live concerts has resonated with audiences for decades. From the moment the tickets go on sale, fans know that they're in for an experience that's thought-provoking, visually striking, and above all, relentlessly entertaining. Devo has remained a powerful force in the live music scene, and their concerts continue to be sought-after events.

More About Devo

First on the list has to be "Whip It." Released in 1980, "Whip It" became Devo's biggest hit, reaching #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is a staple of their live performances and has gained legendary status thanks to its catchy tune, odd yet engaging lyrics, and the energy exuded by the band while performing. The anticipation of hearing the band perform "Whip It" live often sends fans into a frenzy to get hold of Devo concert tickets.

Other major crowd-pleasers include "Girl U Want" and "Freedom of Choice," both of which showcase Devo's trademark sound featuring synthesizers and satirical lyrics. These energetic songs help create a fun, dynamic atmosphere at their concerts, mesmerizing audiences and making Devo's live concerts a must-see.

Then there’s "Jocko Homo," a song that was part of their groundbreaking 1978 debut album, "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" "Jocko Homo" is often performed with a level of gusto and theatricality that is a hallmark of Devo’s live shows. The band's call-and-response chant "Are we not men? We are Devo!" reverberates through the crowd, creating a powerful sense of unity and engagement among the audience members.

Traditionally, Devo has also been known to close their concerts with "Gut Feeling/ (Slap Your Mammy)," another track from their first album. The initial slow build of "Gut Feeling" that eventually explodes into a dramatic and intense performance makes it a fitting finale for the band's typically high-energy, thrilling shows.

The band's penchant for performing in visually striking attire, including their infamous red energy dome hats, also boosts the allure of seeing them live. The experience of watching Devo perform is not only a feast for the ears but also for the eyes.

Therefore, Devo’s live events are a combination of the intense energy of popular songs like "Whip It" and "Girl U Want", coupled with the theatrical performances of tracks like "Jocko Homo." This combination not only satisfies their diehard fans but also intrigues first-time audience members.

Devo's concerts are not merely musical performances; they are a unique blend of sonic experience, visual spectacle, and postmodern commentary that leaves a lasting impression. The popularity of their live songs and their ability to create an unforgettable concert atmosphere make every Devo live event a hot ticket. With new generations discovering the band’s music, Devo's ticket demand remains high, solidifying their status as a must-see live act.

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