Mets, Phillies Freebies Among the Best in the NL East

With 162 games to their season, Major League Baseball teams need to find ways to keep people coming to the ballpark as the months pass. The tried-and-true solution to keeping up attendance? Giveaways, and lots of them. In fact, an estimated 1,800 promotional events are expected to take place across the league this season, from special theme nights, free giveaways, and more. We’re exploring the scheduled giveaway opportunities fans can look forward to in the coming months and breaking it down by each division. First up, a look at all of the NL East giveaways. 

The NL East – comprised of the Braves, Mets, Nationals, Marlins and Phillies – boasts plenty of giveaway opportunities. Between bobbleheads to jerseys and other team memorabilia, the NL East offers an eclectic mix of freebies. The Phillies take the title of most kid-friendly with giveaways like custom bucket hats, backpacks, headphones and water bottles aimed specifically at kiddos. By comparison, the Nationals aim to please an adult audience with their ages 21+ giveaways of a Budweiser-sponsored trucker cap and Oktoberfest stein. The Mets selection is the most expansive of the division, often giving away freebies during every game of a home series.

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April 20 vs. New York Mets – Ender Inciarte Gold Glove Bobblehead
April 22 vs. New York Mets – BLOOPER Bobblehead
May 4 vs. San Francisco Giants – Ozzie Calrissian Star Wars Bobblehead
May 5 vs. San Francisco Giants – MLB Network Tote Bag
May 15 vs. Chicago Cubs – ‘Chop On’ Hat
June 15 vs. San Diego Padres – Freddie Stretch Bobblehead
June 17 vs. San Diego Padres – Father’s Day
July 29 vs. LA Dodgers – Baseball Card
Aug. 10 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Chipper Jones Hall of Fame Replica Plaque
Aug. 18 vs. Colorado Rockies – Chipper Jones Bobblehead
Sept. 4 vs. Boston Red Sox – Babe Ruth Bobblehead
Sept. 15 vs. Washington Nationals – Mike Foltynewicz Bobblehead
Sept. 22 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Pink Tomahawks

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April 29 vs. Colorado Rockies – Cafecito Cup
June 10 vs. San Diego Padres – MLB Playball Baseball
June 30 vs. New York Mets – Billy the Martin Pool Float
July 1 vs. New York Mets – Superhero Bobblehead
July 4 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – MLB Network Tote Bag
July 28 vs. Washington Nationals – Marlins Pullover, WB Mason Truck
July 29 vs. Washington Nationals – Celebrity Bobblehead
Aug. 11 vs. New York Mets – Tropical Jersey
Aug. 25 vs. Atlanta Braves – Player Weekend Jersey
Aug. 26 vs. Atlanta Braves – Lil Pro

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April 13 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Free Shirt Friday
April 15 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Youth Baseball Glove
May 4 vs. Colorado Rockies – Free Shirt Friday
May 5 vs. Colorado Rockies – Yoenis Cespedes Gnome
May 6 vs. Colorado Rockies – Jerry Blevins Baseball Socks
May 18 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Free Shirt Friday
May 19 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Mr. Met as Han Solo Bobblehead
May 20 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Mets Plastic Bat
June 1 vs. Chicago Cubs – Free Shirt Friday
June 2 vs. Chicago Cubs – Todd Frazier BP Pullover
June 3 vs. Chicago Cubs – Fanny Pack
June 8 vs. New York Yankees – Free Shirt Friday
June 10 vs. New York Yankees – Jeurys Familia Fathead
June 22 vs. LA Dodgers – Free Shirt Friday
June 23 vs. LA Dodgers – HR Apple Figurine
June 24 vs. LA Dodgers – Mets Cap
July 6 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Free Shirt Friday
July 7 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Jacob deGrom Bobblehead
July 8 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Yoenis Cespedes Shin Guard
July 13 vs. Washington Nationals – Free Shirt Friday
July 14 vs. Washington Nationals – Reversible Rally Cap
July 15 vs. Washington Nationals – WB Mason Toy Truck
Aug. 3 vs. Atlanta Braves – Free Shirt Friday
Aug. 4 vs. Atlanta Braves – Marvel presents Thor Bobblehead
Aug. 5 vs. Atlanta Braves – Topps National Baseball Card Pack
Aug. 24 vs. Washington Nationals – Free Shirt Friday
Aug. 25 vs. Washington Nationals – Jay Bruce Bobblehead
Aug. 26 vs. Washington Nationals – Lunch Bag
Sept. 7 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Free Shirt Friday
Sept. 8 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Cold Weather Winter Hat
Sept. 9 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Chip Bowl
Sept. 28 vs. Miami Marlins – Free Shirt Friday
Sept. 30 vs. Miami Marlins – 2019 Magnetic Schedule

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April 8 vs. Miami Marlins – Kids Hooded Sweatshirt
April 19 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Veritiv Nick Williams Retro T-Shirt
April 22 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Tastykake Odubel Herrera Emoji Cap
April 27 vs. Atlanta Braves – Phillies Headphones
April 29 vs. Atlanta Braves – Kids Phanatic Bucket Hat
May 9 vs. San Francisco Giants – Phillies Cap
May 12 vs. New York Mets – Phanatic Children’s Book
May 13 vs. New York Mets – Ladies Pullover
May 26 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Phillies Water Bottle
May 27 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Toyota Rhys Hoskins Starting Lineup Figure
June 10 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – John Kruk 1990s BP Pullover
June 28 vs. Washington Nationals – MLB Network Retro Drawstring Bag
July 1 vs. Washington Nationals – Solar Powered Liberty Bell
July 21 vs. San Diego Padres – WB Mason Collectible Truck
July 22 vs. San Diego Padres – PECO Phillies Socks
Aug. 5 vs. Miami Marlins – Brad Lidge Bobblehead
Sept. 2 vs. Chicago Cubs – Backpack Cooler

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April 13 vs. Colorado Rockies – Sean Doolittle Bobblehead
April 29 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Kids Fidget Spinner
May 2 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Nationals Tote Bag
May 4 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Max Scherzer Cy Young Bobblehead
May 5 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Stance Socks
May 20 vs. LA Dodgers – Kids Superhero Cape
June 6 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – All-Star Game Tote Bag
June 8 vs. San Francisco Giants – Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead
June 24 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Kids Max Scherzer Eye Patch
July 6 vs. Miami Marlins – Bryce Harper Patriotic Bobblehead
July 22 vs. Atlanta Braves – Kids Batting Helmet
Aug. 3 vs. Cincinatti Reds – Anthony Rendon Bobblehead
Aug. 17 vs. Miami Marlins – Hawaiian Shirt
Aug. 19 vs. Miami Marlins – Kids Night Light
Aug. 31 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Trucker Cap
Sept. 2 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Kids Pajama Set
Sept. 21 vs. New York Mets – Oktoberfest Stein

Find tickets for each of the aforementioned giveaway games here.

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