NL Central Giveaways Among the League’s Most Kid-Friendly

With baseball season now in full swing (pun intended), we’re taking an in-depth look at all of the freebies fans can pick up at a ballpark in the coming months. Each of the league’s divisions seem to offer something different when it comes to their free swag, and the NL Central giveaways are no different.

Baseball’s youngest fans appear to benefit the most by taking in a Cubs, Reds, Pirates, Cardinals, or Brewers game this season. The NL Central teams are heavily focused on kids when it comes to their season giveaways. The Reds are set to frequently hand out kids wall decals, while the Brewers hope for hot days at the ballpark to coincide with their free ice cream giveaway for the youngsters. The Pirates, on the other hand, take the cake for handing out the most kids apparel including t-shirts, hats, socks and jerseys.

Click on any of the following links to see the remainder of league’s giveaways this season and see the full list of NL Central giveaways below.

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April 9 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cubs Magnet Schedule
April 14 vs. Atlanta Braves – Cubs Hooded Pullover
April 15 vs. Atlanta Braves – Cubs Athletics Socks
April 27 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cubs Fleece Blanket
April 28 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – “Dancing Bullpen” Beverage Tumbler
April 29 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cubs Slouch Beanie
May 7 vs. Miami Marlins – “KW” Rooftop Flag
May 11 vs. Chicago White Sox – Willson Contreras Bobblehead
May 13 vs. Chicago White Sox – Cubs “Pink Out” T-Shirt
May 22 vs. Cleveland Indians – Cubs Cap-shaped Umbrella
May 23 vs. Cleveland Indians – Cubs and Star Wars T-Shirt
May 27 vs. San Francisco Giants – Cubs Reusable Tote Bag
June 5 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Cubs Acrylic Cocktail Glass
June 6 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Wrigley Field Scoreboard Clock
June 8 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cubs Tank Top
June 9 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cubs Cooling Towel
June 10 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cubs Echo Microphone
June 18 vs. LA Dodgers – Jason Heyward Bobblehead
June 19 vs. LA Dodgers – Cubs Beach Tote
June 20 vs. LA Dodgers – Cubs Cap
June 29 vs. Minnesota Twins – Cubs Mesh Cap
July 1 vs. Minnesota Twins – Willson Contreras Laundry Hamper
July 3 vs. Detroit Tigers – Cubs Hawaiian Shirt
July 4 vs. Detroit Tigers – Cubs Camo Cap
July 8 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Plush Clark
July 20 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Cubs Bottle Opener Sunglasses
July 22 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Cubs Pillowcase
July 23 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Javier Baez Bobblehead
July 24 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – 1979-81 Cubs Replica Away Jersey
Aug. 3 vs. San Diego Padres – Cubs Umbrella Hat
Aug. 5 vs. San Diego Padres – Cubs Baseball Wristbands
Aug. 10 vs. Washington Nationals – Cubs Shirt
Aug. 12 vs. Washington Nationals – Cubs Lunch Bag
Aug. 14 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cubs Duffel Bag
Aug. 15 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Kyle Hendricks Bobblehead
Aug. 23 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Cubs Beach Towel
Aug. 25 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Youth Sun Protection Shirt
Sept. 12 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cubs Digital Alarm Clock
Sept. 14 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Cubs Patch Cap
Sept. 15 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kris Bryant Replica Sunglasses
Sept. 16 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Cubs Fan Vote Bobblehead

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April 14 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Tucker Barnhart Gold Glove Bobblehead
April 15 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Jackie Robinson Fathead Wall Decal
May 5 vs. Miami Marlins – Eugenio Suarez Bobblehead
May 6 vs. Miami Marlins – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
June 9 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Scooter Gennett Bobblehead
June 10 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
June 23 vs. Chicago Cubs – Reds Bag
June 23 vs. Chicago Cubs – Fathead Wall Decal
June 30 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Rosie Red Bobblehead
July 1 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
July 21 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Reds Cap
July 22 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
July 28 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Joey Votto Funk Pop! Collectible
July 29 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Kids Team Baseball Card
Aug. 11 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Reds Baseball Cards
Aug. 12 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
Aug. 18 vs. San Francisco Giants – Fan Vote Bobblehead
Aug. 19 vs. San Francisco Giants – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
Sept. 8 vs. San Diego Padres – Joe Morgan Replica Statue
Sept. 9 vs. San Diego Padres – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
Sept. 29 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Reds Team Photo

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April 20 vs. Miami Marlins – Long Sleeve T-Shirt
April 21 vs. Miami Marlins – Brewers Coupon Book
April 22 vs. Miami Marlins – Eric Thames Bobblehead, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
May 5 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Brewers Coupon Book
May 6 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Lightweight Hoodie, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
May 25 vs. New York Mets – Flat Bill Snapback Hat
May 26 vs. New York Mets – Brewers Coupon Book
May 27 vs. New York Mets – Travis Shaw “Mayor of Ding Dong City” Bobblehead, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
May 28 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Noah’s Ark Water Park Ticket
May 29 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – MLB Network Recyclable Tote Bag
June 16 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Brewers Coupon Book
June 17 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Mini Replica Bullpen Car, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
June 22 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
June 24 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Gauntlet Bobblehead, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
July 2 vs. Minnesota Twins – Brewers Wall Flag
July 3 vs. Minnesota Twins – Tank Top
July 8 vs. Atlanta Braves – Robin Yount 1970s Replica Jersey, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
July 20 vs. LA Dodgers – Strapback Hat
July 22 vs. LA Dodgers – Ryan Braun Starting Lineup Figure, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
Aug. 4 vs. Colorado Rockies – Topps Baseball Card Pack
Aug. 5 vs. Colorado Rockies – Bob Uecker Bottle Opener, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
Aug. 24 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Performance T-shirt
Aug. 25 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Brewmaster Shirt
Aug. 26 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Lorenzo Cain Bobblehead, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
Sept. 8 vs. San Francisco Giants – Brewers Coupon Book
Sept. 9 vs. San Francisco Giants – Puzzle Cube, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
Sept. 15 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Vintage Snapback Hat
Sept. 16 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Kids Ice Cream Sunday
Sept. 29 vs. Detroit Tigers – Brewers Team Photo
Sept. 30 vs. Detroit Tigers – Kids Ice Cream Sunday

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April 27 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Pirates Umbrella
April 29 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Kids Mini Bat
May 11 vs. San Francisco Giants – Free Shirt Friday
May 12 vs. San Francisco Giants – Bleacher Cooler Bag
May 13 vs. San Francisco Giants – Kids Drawstring Bag, Moms Beach Bag
May 19 vs. San Diego Padres – Pirates Vintage Bobblehead
May 20 vs. San Diego Padres – Kids Wristbands
May 25 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Free Shirt Friday
May 26 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Camo Bucket Hat
May 27 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Kids Camo Socks
June 15 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Free Shirt Friday
June 16 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Pirates Hawaiian Shirt
June 16 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kids & Dads Replica Batting Practice Cap
June 23 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Sean Rodriguez Walkoff Bobblehead
June 24 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Kids Drawstring Bag
July 6 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Pirates Fedora
July 8 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Kids Baseball Dart Board Game
July 13 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Free Shirt Friday
July 14 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Josh Bell Bobblehead
July 15 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Kids Lunch Bag
July 29 vs. New York Mets – Kids Pirates Hulk Bobblehead
Aug. 3 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Free Shirt Friday
Aug. 4 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Andy Can Slyke Bobblehead
Aug. 5 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Kids Topps Baseball Cards
Aug. 17 vs. Chicago Cubs – Free Shirt Friday
Aug. 19 vs. Chicago Cubs – Kids WB Mason Collectible Truck
Sept. 7 vs. Miami Marlins – Roberto Clemente Free Shirt Friday
Sept. 8 vs. Miami Marlins – Felipe Rivero Bobblehead
Sept. 9 vs. Miami Marlins – Kids Starting Replica Jersey
Sept. 22 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Pirates Oktoberfest Stein
Sept. 23 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Kids Item TBA

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April 20 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Navy Mesh Pullover Jersey
April 21 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Dexter Fowler Bobblehead
April 22 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Yadier Molina Kids Jersey, Tote Bag, Kids Ticket Voucher
April 24 vs. New York Mets – April T-Shirt of the Month
May 1 vs. Chicago White Sox – Cardinals Decal
May 5 vs. Chicago Cubs – Pet Treat Jar
May 18 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Bob Gibson Pitching Rubber
May 19 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Replica 1968 National League Championship Ring
May 20 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Rawlings Kids Baseball Glove, Kids Ticket Voucher
May 21 vs. Kansas City Royals – May T-Shirt of the Month
June 1 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – YADI Tumbler
June 2 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Saturday Embroidered Jersey
June 3 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Chris Carpenter Bobblehead
June 27 vs. Cleveland Indians – June T-Shirt of the Month
June 29 vs. Atlanta Braves – All Over Print Button Up
June 30 vs. Atlanta Braves – Carlos Martinez Mystery Hair Bobblehead
July 1 vs. Atlanta Braves – Kids & Adult Cardinals Bucket Hat
July 13 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Cowboy Hat
July 14 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Adam Wainwright Bobblehead
July 15 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Adult Baseball Tote
July 31 vs. Colorado Rockies – July T-Shirt of the Month
Aug. 2 vs. Colorado Rockies – Pack of Cards
Aug. 16 vs. Washington Nationals – August T-Shirt of the Month
Aug. 18 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Hall of Fame Mystery Baseball Cap
Aug. 19 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Dizzy Dean Watch
Aug. 31 vs. Cincinnati Reds – 1982 World Championship Beer Stein
Sept. 1 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Home White Embroidered Jersey
Sept. 2 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Build-A-Bear Cardinals Bear
Sept. 13 vs. LA Dodgers – September T-Shirt of the Month
Sept. 14 vs. LA Dodgers – Replica 1928 Jersey
Sept. 15 vs. LA Dodgers – Replica 2013 Mystery National League Ring
Sept. 16 vs. LA Dodgers – Mark McGwire Bobblehead
Sept. 21 vs. San Francisco Giants – Adult Cardinals Hockey Jersey
Sept. 22 vs. San Francisco Giants – Cardinals Sweatshirt
Sept. 23 vs. San Francisco Giants – Adult Winter Hat, 2019 Cardinals Magnet Schedule
Sept. 26 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – 2019 Cardinals Magnet Schedule, 2019 Free Ticket Voucher

Find tickets for each of the aforementioned games here.

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