Orioles, Rays Offer Most Variety of AL East Giveaways

Receiving a small token of fan appreciation at a ballpark has become almost as famous as the national pastime itself. This baseball season, we’re exploring all of the promotional items and freebies fans can expect at ballparks across the MLB. Find out what’s on the agenda for AL East giveaways.

While the American League East conjures up discussion mostly revolving the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, when it comes to freebies, the focus turns to the Orioles and Rays. A trip to Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium this season may result in getting a bobblehead or cap at some games. However, if you’re hoping for some more variety, head to Baltimore and Tampa Bay. The Orioles are giving away everything from jerseys and backpacks to alarm clocks and duffel bags. They’ve even got scarves and neck ties on tap for special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day games. Summer in Tampa Bay can reach stifling temperatures, and the Rays recognize this through their freebies. Items from car shades to beach tank tops and even boogie boards are expected to be handed out at upcoming games.

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April 22 vs. Cleveland Indians – Earth Day Tote Bag
May 9 vs. Kansas City Royals – Kevin Gausman T-Shirt
May 12 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Orioles Car Emblem
May 13 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Mother’s Day Pashmina Scarf
May 28 vs. Washington Nationals – Orioles Memorial Day T-Shirt
May 30 vs. Washington Nationals – Orioles Cooler Backpack
June 12 vs. Boston Red Sox – Dylan Bundy Bobblehead
June 15 vs. Miami Marlins – Orioles Floppy Hat
June 17 vs. Miami Marlins – Father’s Day Neck Tie
June 25 vs. Seattle Mariners – Buck “Snow”alter Snow Globe
June 30 vs. LA Angels – Birdland Hawaiian Shirt
July 14 vs. Texas Rangers – Orioles Maryland Flag Script Replica Jersey
July 26 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Orioles T-Shirt
July 28 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Trey Mancini Bobblehead
July 29 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Birdland Summer Garden Gnome
Aug. 11 vs. Boston Red Sox – Exclusive Orioles Card Pack
Aug. 12 vs. Boston Red Sox – Retro Talking Alarm Clock
Aug. 15 vs. New York Mets – Orioles T-Shirt
Sept. 13 vs. Oakland Athletics – Orioles T-Shirt
Sept. 15 vs. Chicago White Sox – Orioles Lightweight Hoodie
Sept. 16 vs. Chicago White Sox – Orioles Cap
Sept. 28 vs. Houston Astros – Orioles Coaster Set
Sept. 29 vs. Houston Astros – Orioles Puffy Vest
Sept. 30 vs. Houston Astros – Orioles Duffel Bag

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April 13 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Sale “K-Counter” Bobblehead
April 30 vs. Kansas City Royals – Vazquez Gnome
May 14 vs. Oakland Athletics – Kimbrel Growing Beard Plant
May 25 vs. Atlanta Braves – Benintendi Headband
June 6 vs. Detroit Tigers – Benintendi “Splash” Bobblehead
June 27 vs. LA Angels – Jackie Bradley, Jr. Bobblehead
July 10 vs. Texas Rangers – Red Sox Socks
July 31 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Bogaerts “Splash” Bobblehead
Aug. 23 vs. Cleveland Indians – Wally & Tessie Headphones
Aug. 29 vs. Miami Marlins – Red Sox Puzzle Cube
Sept. 8 vs. Houston Astros – Wally Pillow
Sept. 12 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Devers Gnome
Sept. 14 vs. New York Mets – Betts “Splash” Bobblehead
Sept. 25 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Pedro Bobblehead

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April 21 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Yankees Tote Bag
April 23 vs. Minnesota Twins – David Wells Bobblehead
April 25 vs. Minnesota Twins – Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card
May 4 vs. Cleveland Indians – Aaron Judge Jedi Bobblehead
May 12 vs. Oakland Athletics – Didi Gregorius Bat Day
May 25 vs. LA Angels – Yankees Freezer Glass
May 27 vs. LA Angels – Yankees Arm Sleeve
June 14 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Ron Guidry Bobblehead
June 21 vs. Seattle Mariners – Yankees Plush Whistle
July 27 vs. Kansas City Royals – CC Sabathia Bobblehead
July 28 vs. Kansas City Royals – Yankees Camo Cap
July 29 vs. Kansas City Royals – Yankees Collectible Truck
Aug. 10 vs. Texas Rangers – Collectible Cup
Aug. 11 vs. Texas Rangers – Yankees Baseball Card Pack
Aug. 15 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Cap Night
Aug. 16 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Poster Day
Aug. 19 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – 1998 World Series Championship Replica Ring
Aug. 31 vs. Detroit Tigers – Brett Gardner Bobblehead

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April 14 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Carl Crawford Bobblehead
April 15 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Chris Archer & Kevin Kermaier Emoji T-Shirt
April 21 vs. Minnesota Twins – Car Sun Shade
April 22 vs. Minnesota Twins – Mascot Socks
May 5 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Tropical Shirt
May 6 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Baseball Toss Game
May 26 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Kevin Kiermaier Star Wars Pop Vinyl
May 27 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Raymond Children’s Book
June 9 vs. Seattle Mariners – Fred McGriff & Tino Martinez Bobblehead
June 10 vs. Seattle Mariners – Boogie Board
June 23 vs. New York Yankees – Rays & Devil Rays Reversible Jersey
June 24 vs. New York Yankees – Chris Archer Snapback Hat
June 26 vs. Washington Nationals – Cheer Sticks
June 30 vs. Houston Astros – Zubaz T-Shirt
July 1 vs. Houston Astros – Wearable Rays Up Flag
July 11 vs. Detroit Tigers – Cheer Sticks
July 21 vs. Miami Marlins – DJ Kitty Mascot Head
July 22 vs. Miami Marlins – Beach Tank Top
July 25 vs. New York Yankees – Cheer Sticks
Aug. 4 vs. Chicago White Sox – Akinori Iwamura Bobblehead
Aug. 5 vs. Chicago White Sox – Kevin Kiermaier Lunch Box
Aug. 25 vs. Boston Red Sox – Wade Boggs Bobblehead
Aug. 26 vs. Boston Red Sox – DJ Kitty Slippers
Sept. 8 vs. Baltimore Orioles – 20th Anniversary Photo Viewer
Sept. 9 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Snack N’ Drink Cup
Sept. 15 vs. Oakland Athletics – Tote Bag
Sept. 16 vs. Oakland Athletics – Toy Truck
Sept. 29 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Dan Johnson Bobblehead
Sept. 30 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – PopSockets

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April 18 vs. Kansas City Royal – Blue Jays Back-to-Back World Series Sweatshirt
April 26 vs. Boston Red Sox – Bringer of Rain T-Shirt
April 28 vs. Texas Rangers – Blue Jays Plaid Raglan
May 10 vs. Seattle Mariners – T-Shirt
May 13 vs. Boston Red Sox – Kevin Pillar Caped Replica Jersey
May 17 vs. Oakland Athletics – T-Shirt
May 19 vs. Oakland Athletics – Let’s Go Blue Jays Bath Towel
May 24 vs. LA Angels – Blue Jays Sunglasses
June 6 vs. New York Yankees – Marcus Stroman Shimmy Bobblehead
June 8 vs. Batlimore Orioles – Blue Jays Pride HAt
June 19 vs. Atlanta Braves – MLB Network Reusable Bag
July 1 vs. Detroit Tigers – Blue Jays Red Hat
July 2 vs. Detroit Tigers – J.A. Happ Bobblehead
July 6 vs. New York Yankees – Blue Jays Bucket Hat
Aug. 8 vs. Boston Red Sox – Aaron Sanchez Blue Replica Jersey
Aug. 10 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Topps Blue Jays Baseball Card
Aug. 11 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Alomar, Molitor & Olerud Triple Bobblehead
Aug. 25 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Blue Jays Replica Batting Helmet
Sept. 8 vs. Cleveland Indians – Blue Jays R2-D2oque
Sept. 9 vs. Cleveland Indians – Buck Martinez Get Up! Alarm Clock
Sept. 22 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Blue Jays Convertible Mittens

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