Nostalgia Drives Nearly All of the NL West Giveaways

As part of our in-depth look into the best freebies and promotional items being handed out across the MLB this season, we dissected all of the NL West giveaways fans can expect throughout the coming months.

A recurring theme was found across the board in the NL West giveaways: nostalgia. Three of the division’s five teams are celebrating milestone anniversary’s this year, leading them to jump at the opportunity to celebrate with free swag. Both the Dodgers and Giants are celebrating 60 years in their cities while the Rockies turn 25. Special commemorative items are on the docket at their ballparks ranging from statues and blankets to jerseys and baseball cards. The Padres also jumped on the bandwagon, offering several free memorabilia focusing on their 1998 roster to signify 20 years since they won the NL Pennant.

Click on any of the following links to see the remainder of league’s giveaways this season and see the full list of NL West giveaways below.

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April 21 vs. San Diego Padres – Archie Bradley Audio Bobblehead
April 22 vs. San Diego Padres – Kids Bat and Ball Set
May 5 vs. Houston Astros – Sugar Skull T-Shirt
May 13 vs. Washington Nationals – Mother’s Day Tote Bag
May 28 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Memorial Day Camo Cap
June 2 vs. Miami Marlins – Star Wars Paul Solo Bobblehead
June 17 vs. New York Mets – Father’s Day Hawaiian Shirt
June 30 vs. New York Mets – Duffel Bag
July 21 vs. Colorado Rockies – Bobblehead TBA
Aug. 4 vs. San Francisco Giants – All-Time Team Fan Vote T-Shirt
Aug. 5 vs. San Francisco Giants – National Trading Card Day Pack
Sept. 8 vs. Atlanta Braves – Bobblehead TBA

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April 22 vs. Chicago Cubs – 25th Anniversary Reusable Tote Bag
May 12 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Toothbrush
May 13 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Mother’s Day Bracelet
May 26 vs. Cincinnati Reds – 25th Anniversary “All-Time 25” Roster T-Shirt
May 28 vs. San Francisco Giants – Team Poster
June 2 vs. LA Dodgers – 25th Anniversary Beach Towel
June 9 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Play Ball Celebration Day Wristbands
June 10 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Junior Fire Marshall Fire Helmet
June 23 vs. Miami Marlins – 25th Anniversary Throwback Replica Jersey
June 24 vs. Miami Marlins – 25th Anniversary Blake Street Bombers T-Shirt
July 3 vs. San Francisco Giants – Handheld Flag
July 14 vs. Seattle Mariners – Nolan Arenado Walk Off Cycle Bobblehead
July 15 vs. Seattle Mariners – Military Appreciation Hat
July 27 vs. Oakland Athletics – 25th Anniversary Commemorative T-Shirt
July 28 vs. Oakland Athletics – Star Wars Night Promotional Item
Aug. 12 vs. LA Dodgers – 25th Anniversary T-Shirt
Aug. 24 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Beard Beanie
Aug. 25 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Cooler Bag

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April 10 vs. Oakland Athletics – 60th Anniversary Collectors Card Set
April 11 vs. Oakland Athletics – Hooded Sweatshirt
April 15 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Jackie Robinson Jersey
April 21 vs. Washington Nationals – Cody Bellinger Bobblehead
April 22 vs. Washington Nationals – Jr. Dodgers Bat Bag
April 23 vs. Miami Marlins – 60th Anniversary Collectors Card Set
April 24 vs. Miami Marlins – ITFDB Alarm Clock
May 8 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – 60th Anniversary Collectors Card Set
May 9 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Justin Turner Walk-Off Home Run Bobblehead
May 12 vs. Cincinnati Reds – 60th Anniversary Cap
May 13 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Mother’s Day Cosmetic Bag
May 22 vs. Colorado Rockies – Corey Seager Bobblehead
May 26 vs. San Diego Padres – Corey and Cody Caricature T-Shirt
May 27 vs. San Diego Padres – Jr. Dodgers Fidget Spinner
May 28 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Memorial Day Apron
May 30 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Chris Taylor Bobblehead
June 9 vs. Atlanta Braves – Manny Mota Bobblehead
June 10 vs. Atlanta Braves – Jr. Dodgers Wristbands
June 12 vs. Texas Rangers – 60th Anniversary Collectors Card Set
June 13 vs. Texas Rangers – Beach Towel
June 15 vs. San Francisco Giants – Kenley Calrissian Star Wars Bobblehead
June 17 vs. San Francisco Giants – Father’s Day Money Clip
June 26 vs. Chicago Cubs – Kike Hernandez Bobblehead
June 30 vs. Colorado Rockies – Puigy Bank
July 1 vs. Colorado Rockies – Jr. Dodgers Justin Turner Jersey Tee
July 14 vs. LA Angels – Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead
July 31 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Alex Wood Bobblehead
Aug. 1 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Topps Cards
Aug. 2 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – 60th Anniversary Collectors Card Set
Aug. 4 vs. Houston Astros – Dodger Fandages
Aug. 5 vs. Houston Astros – Jr. Dodgers Backpack
Aug. 14 vs. San Francisco Giants – Rich Hill Bobblehead
Aug. 20 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Knit Cap
Aug. 22 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Chase Utley Bobblehead
Aug. 25 vs. San Diego Padres – Dave Roberts Jersey
Aug. 26 vs. San Diego Padres – Jr. Dodgers Socks
Aug. 30 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Dodger Stadium Sand Globe
Sept. 2 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – MLB Network Tote
Sept. 3 vs. New York Mets – Labor Day Cooler Bag
Sept. 4 vs. New York Mets – 60th Anniversary Collectors Card Set
Sept. 18 vs. Colorado Rockies – Bobblehead TBA

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April 14 vs. San Francisco Giants – Padres Replica BP Jersey
April 28 vs. New York Mets – Padres Hoodie
May 10 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Tony Gwynn ’98 Commemorative Bobblehead
May 11 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Ken Caminiti ’98 Commemorative Bobblehead
May 12 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Trevor Hoffman ’98 Commemorative Bobblehead
May 13 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Greg Vaughn ’98 Commemorative Bobblehead
May 28 vs. Miami Marlins – Reusable Bag
June 2 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Hawaiian Shirt
June 30 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Trevor Hoffman 500th Save Commemorative Bobblehead
July 14 vs. Chicago Cubs – Cub Busters T-Shirt
July 28 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Trevor Hoffman #51 Retirement Commemorative Bobblehead
July 29 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Trevor Hoffman #51 Commemorative Flag, Kids Day Backpack
Aug. 11 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Beach Towel
Aug. 16 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Trevor Hoffman Replica Jersey
Aug. 17 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Hoffy Table Book
Aug. 18 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Trevor Hoffman Cooperstown Replica Plaque
Aug. 19 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Trevor Hoffman Replica Statue
Sept. 1 vs. Colorado Rockies – Beach Hat
Sept. 15 vs. Texas Rangers – Backpack Cooler
Sept. 29 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – 2018 Team Photo, 2019 Schedule

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April 27 vs. LA Dodgers – 60th Anniversary Two Flaps Down Hat
April 28 vs. LA Dodgers – Brandon Crawford Glove Gnome
April 29 vs. LA Dodgers – Hunter Pence Kids Socks
May 19 vs. Colorado Rockies – Giants Corduroy Cap
May 20 vs. Colorado Rockies – 60th Anniversary Expandable Backpack
June 2 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Retro Fanny Pack
June 3 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – 60th Anniversary Willie McCovey Bobblehead
June 23 vs. San Diego Padres – Expressions of Madison Bumgarner T-Shirt
June 24 vs. San Diego Padres – 60th Anniversary Mt. Crushmore Commemorative Statue
July 7 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Crazy Crab Scarf
July 8 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Camo Cap
July 14 vs. Oakland Athletics – 60th Anniversary Blanket
July 15 vs. Oakland Athletics – Giants Battle of the Bay Snowglobe
July 28 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Heat Reactive/Color Changing Mug
July 29 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Hello Kitty Cap
Aug. 11 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Bonds #25 Retirement Ceremony Cap
Aug. 12 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Giants by the Numbers Book
Aug. 25 vs. Texas Rangers – Buster Hugs Bobblehead
Aug. 26 vs. Texas Rangers – Grocery Tote
Sept. 2 vs. New York Mets – Buster Posey Socks
Sept. 15 vs. Colorado Rockies – Alaska Airlines 2-for-1 Flight Voucher
Sept. 16 vs. Colorado Rockies – Star Wars Day Cap

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