Astros World Series Swag Leads AL West Giveaways

This baseball season, we’re taking a look at the promotional items and freebies every MLB team is handing out through October. When it comes to the AL West, giveaways are largely focused on star players of the past and present.

Some of the best AL West giveaways comes from the Houston Astros. The reigning World Series champs are capitalizing on their historic win and celebrating it with fans in the form of freebies. Items like tote bags, hats, and bobbleheads featuring top Astros players George Springer, Jose Altuve and Justin Verlander will all be handed out at Globe Life Park this season. In California, the Angels are also celebrating one of their biggest stars. On eight different occasions, the Angels are giving away Mike Trout shirts and jerseys for both kids and adults.

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April 14 vs. Texas Rangers – George Springer World Series MVP Bobblehead
April 15 vs. Texas Rangers – Navy Grocery Tote
April 28 vs. Oakland Athletics – Jose Altuve AL MVP Bobblehead
April 29 vs. Oakland Athletics – World Series Champions Tote Bag
May 12 vs. Texas Rangers – Floppy Summer Hat
May 13 vs. Texas Rangers – Infinity Scarf
June 1 vs. Boston Red Sox – Friday Night T-Shirt
June 22 vs. Kansas City Royals – Astros Fedora
June 24 vs. Kansas City Royals – Marvel Super Hero Lithos Comic Poster
July 6 vs. Chicago White Sox – Astros Socks
July 7 vs. Chicago White Sox – Astros Gym Bag
July 8 vs. Chicago White Sox – Altuve Youth Replica Jersey
July 14 vs. Detroit Tigers – Justin Verlander “K Counter” Bobblehead
July 28 vs. Texas Rangers – Lone Star Series T-Shirt
Aug. 9 vs. Seattle Mariners – Topps National Baseball Card Pack
Aug 10 vs. Seattle Mariners – George Springer Replica Rainbow Jersey
Sept. 1 vs. LA Angels – Alex Bregman “Walk-Off Hit” Bobblehead
Sept. 15 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Carlos Correa Replica Orange Jersey
Sept. 23 vs. LA Angels – 2018 Astros Team Photo, 2019 Astros Schedule Poster

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April 17 vs. Boston Red Sox – Argyle Blanket
April 20 vs. San Francisco Giants – Corduroy Hat
April 22 vs. San Francisco Giants – MLB Network Tote
May 3 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Poncho
May 11 vs. Minnesota Twins – Simmons Bobblehead
May 13 vs. Minnesota Twins – Mother’s Day Sun Hat
May 18 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Han Solo Rally Monkey
June 1 vs. Texas Rangers – Cooler Bag
June 3 vs. Texas Rangers – Youth Trout Jersey
June 5 vs. Kansas City Royals – Distressed Visor
June 22 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Trout Nutcracker
June 24 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Youth Trout Jersey
July 8 vs. LA Dodgers – Youth Trout Jersey
July 10 vs. Seattle Mariners – Trout Shirt
July 12 vs. Seattle Mariners – Ohtani Double Bobblehead
July 20 vs. Houston Astros – Backpack
July 22 vs. Houston Astros – Youth Trout Jersey
July 27 vs. Seattle Mariners – Hawaiian Print Bucket Hat
July 29 vs. Seattle Mariners – Youth Trout Jersey
Aug. 6 vs. Detroit Tigers – Trading Card Pack
Aug. 7 vs. Detroit Tigers – Trout Birthday Shirt
Aug. 10 vs. Oakland Athletics – Vladimir Guerrero HOF Bobblehead
Aug. 12 vs. Oakland Athletics – Youth Trout Jersey
Aug. 24 vs. Houston Astros – 80s Replica Jersey
Aug. 26 vs. Houston Astros – Youth Trout Jersey
Sept. 14 vs. Seattle Mariners – Duck Call
Sept. 29 vs. Oakland Athletics – Team Photo

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April 17 vs. Chicago White Sox – MLB Network Tote Bag
April 20 vs. Boston Red Sox – Matt Chapman Replica Jersey
April 22 vs. Boston Red Sox – Bluetooth Earbuds
May 5 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Black Panther Bobblehead
May 6 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Stomper Socks
May 26 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Harvey the Rabbit Backpack
June 30 vs. Cleveland Indians – Dave Stewart Starting Lineup Action Figurine
July 22 vs. San Francisco Giants – Rickey Henderson Bobblehead
Aug. 18 vs. Houston Astros – 2002 Streak Team T-Shirt
Sept. 5 vs. New York Yankees – Oakland A’s Hall of Fame Giveaway
Sept. 9 vs. Texas Rangers – Hispanic Heritage Sugar Skull Bobblehead

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April 13 vs. Oakland Athletics – Ben Gamel Cap
April 14 vs. Oakland Athletics – Mariners Military Cap
May 4 vs. LA Angels – Han Seago Bobblehead
May 5 vs. LA Angels – Paxton Fanny Packs
May 6 vs. LA Angels – “Boom Time” LED Watch
May 18 vs. Detroit Tigers – Mariners Blanket Hoodie Night
May 19 vs. Detroit Tigers – Felix Hernandez “Infield Grass” Bobblehead
May 20 vs. Detroit Tigers – Mariners Tote
May 25 vs. Minnesota Twins – Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz Wine Stopper Set
May 26 vs. Minnesota Twins – Mariners T-Shirt
May 27 vs. Minnesota Twins – Mike Zunino Lunch Bag
May 28 vs. Texas Rangers – Mariners Reusable Grocery Bag
June 1 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Mariners Pajama Bottoms
June 2 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Nelson Cruz Pop! Collectible
June 3 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Mariners Bat & Ball Set
June 17 vs. Boston Red Sox – Mariners BBQ Glove
June 30 vs. Kansas City Royals – Mariners Cap
July 1 vs. Kansas City Royals – James Paxton “Big Maple” Bobblehead
July 4 vs. LA Angels – Mariners “Stars and Stripes” Cowboy Hat
July 7 vs. Colorado Rockies – Mariners Sunglasses
July 21 vs. Chicago White Sox – Dee Gordon Bobblehead
July 22 vs. Chicago White Sox – Mariners Kids Cap
Aug. 21 vs. Houston Astros – Mariners Cap
Sept. 9 vs. New York Yankees – Mariners Growth Chart
Sept. 28 vs. Texas Rangers – Team Poster
Sept. 29 vs. Texas Rangers – Ken Griffey Jr. Pop! Collectible
Sept. 30 vs. Texas Rangers – Moose Poster

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April 10 vs. LA Angels – Rangers on Deck Circle Coaster Set
April 20 vs. Seattle Mariners – Adrian Beltre 3000th Hit Mini Bat
April 21 vs. Seattle Mariners – Rangers Pullover
May 26 vs. Kansas City Royals – Han Gallo Bobblehead
May 27 vs. Kansas City Royals – Rangers Cap
June 5 vs. Oakland Athletics – MLB Network Tote Bag
June 9 vs. Houston Astros – Joey Gallo Tape Measure Bobblehead
June 10 vs. Houston Astros – Plastic Ball & Bat Set
June 16 vs. Colorado Rockies – Adrian Beltre Best Friends Bobblehead
June 17 vs. Colorado Rockies – Reversible Bucket Hat
June 25 vs. San Diego Padres – Rangers Tumbler
June 26 vs. San Diego Padres – Rangers Yearbook
June 30 vs. Chicago White Sox – Golden Chick Rougie and Smokey the Horse Bobblehead
July 1 vs. Chicago White Sox – Rangers Raglan Tee
July 20 vs. Cleveland Indians – Celebration Snow Globe
July 21 vs. Cleveland Indians – Tom Thumb Elvis Andrus Best Friends Bobblehead
Aug. 3 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Eric Nadel 40th Anniversary Microphone
Aug. 4 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Vladimir Guerrero HOF Bobblehead
Aug. 5 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Ted Williams 1st Rangers Manager Bobblehead
Aug. 18 vs. LA Angels – Nomar Mazara Bobblehead
Aug. 28 vs. LA Dodgers – Robinson Chirinos Removable Mask Bobblehead
Sept. 1 vs. Minnesota Twins – Rangers Captain Bobblehead
Sept. 23 vs. Seattle Mariners – 2018 Rangers Team Photo

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