AL East: Yankees, Red Sox Giveaways Anticipated in 2019 MLB Season

Two of the biggest rivals in baseball are competing once again when it comes to this season’s best promotions. New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox giveaways are highlights of the AL East, though the Blue Jays, Rays and Orioles giveaways are notable as well. Check out what each team has in store this season.

This year’s Red Sox giveaways capitalize on their recent World Series victory. Fans can snag replica championship rings from their 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018 World Series wins, along with collectible bobbleheads featuring stars Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, Brock Holt, JD Drew, Nathan Eovaldi and manager Alex Cora. In the Bronx, Yankee fans will pick up collectible mugs, hats, posters, calendars and more.

Toronto baseball crowds will be able to get their hands on various replica jerseys, while the Tampa Bay Rays giveaways include practical items like umbrellas, mini speakers, and pillowcase sets.

Click on any of the team links to find tickets for that particular game, and check out the remainder of 2019 MLB giveaway schedule by division: AL Central ~ AL West ~ NL West ~ NL Central ~ NL East

Baltimore Orioles Giveaways

April 4 vs. New York Yankees – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 7 vs. New York Yankees – Orioles Lunch Bag
April 20 vs. Minnesota Twins – Orioles Tote Bag
May 4 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Star Wars Night BB-8 Beanie
May 11 vs. Los Angeles Angels – “There’s No Crying In Baseball” T-Shirt
May 12 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Mother’s Day Infinity Bracelet
May 31 vs. San Francisco Giants – Orioles T-Shirt
June 13 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Crab Hat
June 16 vs. Boston Red Sox – Father’s Day Fedora
June 25 vs. San Diego Padres – Oriole Bird Nutcracker
June 28 vs. Cleveland Indians – Orioles Floppy Hat
June 29 vs. Cleveland Indians – Orioles Maryland Flag Replica Jersey
July 13 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Birdland Hawaiian Shirt
July 16 vs. Washington Nationals – Brooks Robinson Bobblehead
July 17 vs. Washington Nationals – Hot Dog Race T-Shirt
August 4 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Orioles Cap
August 9 vs. Houston Astros – ’89 “Why Not?” T-Shirt
August 10 vs. Houston Astros – Dashboard Hula Bird
September 8 vs. Texas Rangers – Orioles Toy Truck
September 21 vs. Seattle Mariners – Orioles Sherpa Blanket
September 22 vs. Seattle Mariners – Orioles T-Shirt

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Boston Red Sox Giveaways

April 11 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – 2018 Commemorative World Series Ring
April 23 vs. Detroit Tigers – Win Wall Flag
April 30 vs. Oakland Athletics – Mookie Betts MVP Hat
May 14 vs. Colorado Rockies – JD Drew Bobblehead
May 28 vs. Cleveland Indians – 2013 Commemorative World Series Ring
June 11 vs. Texas Rangers – 2007 Commemorative World Series Ring
June 25 vs. Chicago White Sox – Alex Cora Bobblehead
July 16 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Mookie Betts Bobblehead
July 30 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – World Series Tote Bag
August 6 vs. Kansas City Royals – Brock Holt Bobblehead
August 20 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – 2004 Commemorative World Series Ring
September 3 vs. Minnesota Twins – Andrew Benintendi Bobblehead
September 17 vs. San Francisco Giants – Nathan Eovaldi Bobblehead

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New York Yankees Giveaways

March 28 vs. Baltimore Orioles – 2019 Schedule Magnet
March 31 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Yankees Calendar
April 12 vs. Chicago White Sox – Bernie Williams Bobblehead
April 20 vs. Kansas City Royals – Yankees Tote Bag
May 4 vs. Minnesota Twins – CC Sabathia Jedi Bobblehead
May 5 vs. Minnesota Twins – 1999 World Champions Commemorative Bat
May 6 vs. Seattle Mariners – Yankees Dunkin’ Card
May 18 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Yankees Toy Truck
May 19 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Yankees Arm Sleeve
May 27 vs. San Diego Padres – Giancarlo Stanton Bobblehead
June 18 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Yankees Cap
June 21 vs. Houston Astros – Yankees Mug
June 26 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Yankees Poster
July 12 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Mariano Rivera Bobblehead
July 13 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Yankees Camo Cap
July 18 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – David Cone Bobblehead
July 19 vs. Colorado Rockies – Yankees Collectible Cup
July 21 vs. Colorado Rockies – Yankees Baseball Card Pack
August 14 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Poster
August 18 vs. Cleveland Indians – 2009 World Champions Fan Ring
August 30 vs. Oakland Athletics – Gleyber Torres Bobblehead
August 31 vs. Oakland Athletics – Yankees Lightweight Hoodie
September 20 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Yankees Knit Cap

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Tampa Bay Rays Giveaways

March 28 vs. Houston Astros – 2019 Schedule Magnet
March 30 vs. Houston Astros – Blake Snell Bobblehead
March 31 vs. Houston Astros – Kevin Kiermaier Replica Jersey
April 20 vs. Boston Red Sox – Ryne Stanek Bobble Opener
April 21 vs. Boston Red Sox – Daniel Robertson Wristbands
May 11 vs. New York Yankees – Tropical Shirt
May 12 vs. New York Yankees – Snapback Hat
June 1 vs. Minnesota Twins – Tommy Pham Bobblehead
June 2 vs. Minnesota Twins – Rays Arm Sleeve
June 15 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Short Sleeve Hoodie
June 16 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Fanny Pack
June 29 vs. Texas Rangers – Umbrella
June 30 vs. Texas Rangers – Joey Wendle Socks
July 20 vs. Chicago White Sox – Blake Snell Replica Jersey
July 21 vs. Chicago White Sox – Playing Cards
August 3 vs. Miami Marlins – Mini Speaker
August 4 vs. Miami Marlins – Rays Backpack
August 17 vs. Detroit Tigers – Willy Adames Bobblehead
August 18 vs. Detroit Tigers – Raymond Bendable Keychain
August 31 vs. Cleveland Indians – Rays Tote Bag
September 1 vs. Cleveland Indians – Rays Toy Truck
September 7 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Pajama Pants
September 8 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Pillowcase Set

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Toronto Blue Jays Giveaways

March 28 vs. Detroit Tigers – Blue Jays T-Shirt
March 30 vs. Detroit Tigers – Blue Jays Hoodie
April 24 vs. San Francisco Giants – Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Bobblehead
May 12 vs. Chicago White Sox – Marcus StroGnome
May 24 vs. San Diego Padres – Blue Jays Camo Cap
May 25 vs. San Diego Padres – Smoakey BBQ Set
June 6 vs. New York Yankees – Blue Jays Rainbow Hooded Henley
June 7 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Blue Jays Replica Jersey
June 20 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Blue Jays Reusable Bag
June 28 vs. Kansas City Royals – Grichuk Ran-Doll
July 1 vs. Kansas City Royals – Blue Jays Denim Hat
July 5 vs. Baltimore Orioles – George Bell Powder Blue Replica Jersey
July 26 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Blue Jays Replica Jersey
August 8 vs. New York Yankees – Blue Jays Backpack
August 16 vs. Seattle Mariners – Blue Jays & Margaritaville Est. 1977 Hat
August 30 vs. Houston Astros – Blue Jays Star Wars Hat
September 13 vs. New York Yankees – Blue Jays Zombie
September 28 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Blue Jays Fanny Pack

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