Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 Tickets On The Rise, But Not Quite Record-Breaking

The Stanley Cup Finals are going the distance. The Bruins and Blues will battle it out in a deciding Game 7 June 12 in Boston. Given that the NHL has not seen a full seven games played in the Finals since 2011, hockey hype is off the charts. But how exactly does that effect Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 tickets and the cost to catch the game?

According to Ticket Club sales data, the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals is the best-selling championship series since 2015’s clash between the Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning. The Blackhawks needed 6 games to claim the Cup in that meeting, while the Bruins-Blues stretching their series all the way has surpassed the impressive sales figures with Game 7 still days away.

Add in each teams’ compelling storyline – the Blues having the worst record in the league only a few months ago and the Bruins vying to give Boston their third major sports championship in the past year – and you’ve got a perfect storm of factors to drive up ticket prices. However, while the Bruins-Blues series is garnering some of the steeper average ticket prices in recent years, it is not yet at a record-breaking pace.

Stanley Cup Finals Ticket Prices 2011-2019

The 2011 Stanley Cup Finals stands alone as the highest-priced series, averaging over $1,250 per ticket across the seven games. Last year’s historic meeting between the Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals capped just below that at a series average of $1,216 a ticket across five games. With this year’s Stanley Cup Finals pulling in average of just over $1,000 per ticket, it is significantly higher than previous match-ups, most notably the $515-priced tickets of 2012’s Kings-Devils Finals.

While this year’s Stanley Cup Finals ticket prices have not topped 2011’s, each team’s home game tickets have consistently sold according to trend. The Bruins four home games of this season pulled an average ticket price of nearly $970. Home tickets during their two previous trips to the Finals – in 2011 and 2013, respectively – were not too far off from that figure at $958 and $659.

St. Louis, on the other hand, has not played in a Stanley Cup Finals in over 40 years. Their last appearance came in 1977, coincidentally also against the Bruins. However, their underdog story lines up with their ticket prices. The Blues’ three home games this series cost fans on average $1,124 for a seat. While pricier than tickets to see the Bruins on home ice, Blues Stanley Cup tickets match other teams to have reached the Finals after a long drought, or in their first ever appearance.

Stanley Cup Drought Teams Ticket Prices

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