A Cher Musical is Coming to Broadway: 7 Other Artists Who Deserve Their Own Musical

Throughout her five-decade career, Cher has conquered the realms of music, television and movies with another accomplishment to soon add to her resume: Broadway. The iconic singer announced that a musical based on her life is set to premiere on Broadway in 2018. 

The story of an artist’s life portrayed on stage has proven to be successful in recent years (i.e. Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Jersey Boys) giving Cher’s upcoming musical plenty of hype before its debut next year. There are plenty of major musical artists who have achieved as many ups and downs as the “Believe” singer and could become the buzz of Broadway should their stories be told on stage. Here are seven other artists we’d love to see become the the topic of their own biographical musical.

  1. Michael Jackson


The King of Pop certainly led a turbulent life from his early beginnings with the Jackson Five up until his untimely 2009 death. Controversies aside, an MJ musical would become a certified hit thanks to the lasting legacy Jackson left on the music world. There is no shortage of popular songs to include in a theatrical production about Michael Jackson’s life, and the choreography would undoubtedly be jaw-dropping.

2. Britney Spears


Pop princess Britney Spears has become a polarizing star since she broke onto the music scene after being on The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1990s. She has become a pop culture icon since then for her style, music videos, and sometimes outrageous behavior (who could forget the head-shaving incident?). Nonetheless, a Britney Spears-based musical has the potential to be a sensation, like Britney herself.

3. Mariah Carey


Say what you want about her, but there’s no denying Mariah Carey is talented (just let her record 18 no. 1 hits speak for themselves). In addition to her stellar vocal range and hit songs that would challenge any seasoned Broadway singer, the pop diva has led quite an interesting personal life, mainly her short-lived marriage to the music producer who put her on the map, Tommy Mattola.

4. Billy Joel


The Piano Man is a music legend that continues to regularly sell out shows. His music has been featured as the score of the 2002 jukebox musical Movin’ Out, but it’s his personal troubles, including controversial relationships and battles with depression and substance abuse, that would make a biographical musical a somber yet uplifting production.

5. Bruce Springsteen


The Boss’ one of a kind relationship with New Yorkers would make a production on Broadway a no-brainer. His driving rock anthems would get all audiences on their feet while telling the story of Springsteen’s early struggles for success and the political events that shaped his most-loved songs.

  6. Creedence Clearwater Revival


CCR redefined Southern rock during their five-year tenure as a band. In that short time, they produced timeless hits and cemented their place as one of history’s greatest rock bands before crumbling due to creative and business conflicts, particularly between brothers Tom and John Fogerty. Their infamous tensions could be portrayed on stage and give an intimate look into the family dysfunction between the Fogerty brothers.

      7. Beyonce


Simply because she’s Queen Bey, and her place on stage is bound to happen sooner or later.

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