Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets Follow Familiar Trends in 2019

With the latest edition of their annual holiday tour nearing its launch, Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets are some of the hottest on the market. But certain shows on the North American trek will cost more than others. Here’s everything to know about the best-selling tour and how you can save on your Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets.

Demand has grown higher over the years

Paul O’Neill’s rock group has exploded into a cultural phenomenon since its founding over 20 years ago. TSO’s live shows have become a staple of the holidays and left millions in awe over elaborate light and laser displays to accompany the booming rock soundtrack of the season. The show’s overwhelming popularity has led to the deployment of two touring bands in order to hit as many markets in a short span. Most cities will see two performances take place as well, bringing the average number of shows per tour over 100.

Philadelphia and Houston are Historically the Most Popular Cities

Since 2015, two markets have dominated secondary sales. Philadelphia notched the highest sales of the tour from 2015-2017, with average ticket prices for that show climbing $10-15 each year. Last year, Houston overtook the City of Brotherly Love as the highest-grossing performance of the tour, however Philly came in a close second. Both of those gigs took place on December 21st, which brings us to our next point.

December is the Best-Selling Stretch of Tour Dates

TSO’s annual tour typically begins the second week in November which leaves the bulk of show dates to take place in December. Naturally, this bumps up the month’s sales exponentially but can mean good news for regions on the early part of the itinerary. With less demand for tickets before Thanksgiving, November Trans-Siberian Orchestra tour dates typically cost less. Our internal sales database found that tickets averaged $8 lower across all November dates versus December concerts.

The Week Before Christmas is the Most Expensive Time to Buy

This is hardly a surprise, but the Christmas rush plays a big part in Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets, as is the case with most holiday shows. Concert goers taking in a show between December 16th through the 23rd can expect to pay a bit more for their tickets simply because of the time frame. The final stretch of shows before the holiday compiled slightly higher average ticket prices from the rest of the tour. Performances from December 26th on saw a noticeable post-holiday dip as well.

With these tips in mind, it’s not hard to find some savings on Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets. Get yours here and save even more as Ticket Club member thanks to our no-fee-guarantee.

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