Harry Styles is Ready to Take Over the World

For five years, Harry Styles appeared to be on top of the world as part of the biggest boy band in recent times. Now, with the addition of major solo endeavors on his resume, the One Direction heartthrob is ready to make an even bigger splash in the entertainment industry all on his own. 

Styles, 23, had long kept quiet about potential solo music projects since One Direction announced an indefinite hiatus in late-2015, which makes the news of his self-titled debut album and upcoming solo tour even more anticipated among fans. Styles dropped his lead single “Sign of the Times” on April 7 with a strong global reaction. The track was met with fairly positive reviews among critics, who noted that the singer should be celebrated for fusing the style and artistry of major artists who came before him, including David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Prince, and The Beatles.

While “Sign of the Times” gave millions of curious fans a glimpse into Harry Styles’ solo sound, he has proven to be delightfully diverse with his other two revealed songs, “Ever Since New York,” which he debuted on Saturday Night Live last month, and “Sweet Creature,” which was released earlier this week. The former drew comparisons to both The Eagles and Oasis for its steady guitar strumming and buildup to Styles’ booming vocals. The latter, a softer acoustic-driven track, brings to mind Ed Sheeran and even Styles’ former bandmate Niall Horan, who channeled acoustic influences for his debut solo single “This Town.”

The charismatic singer is no stranger to touring, as he spent nearly five straight years traveling across the world and selling out massive stadiums with One Direction. For his first solo gig, however, Styles is taking things down a notch. He will play at renowned theaters across Europe, Australia, Asia and North America in an intimate tour, which kicks off September 19 in San Francisco.

And as if he wasn’t making enough waves with his new album and tour, he will also make his acting debut on the big screen this summer in Christopher Nolan’s World War II flick, Dunkirk, due out in July.

Tour tickets go on sale today, so don’t miss out!

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