Coachella Facts and Figures: How does it compare to other major festivals?

Since it first launched 20 years ago, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has only grown in popularity and grandeur. So much so, that it’s now the most internationally-recognized music festival in the U.S. with ridiculously sought-after tickets. We combed through our extensive sales database and found that Coachella has a history of hot market trends. All of these findings can help predict how this year’s bash will pan out. Here’s all the Coachella tickets info to know before you go.

Coachella’s Global Audience

While Coachella was beat out in overall ticket sales by the CMA Music Festival in 2018, it remains far more diverse than Nashville’s top bash. On a global scale, Coachella draws a much larger international audience than CMA Fest or Chicago’s Lollapallooza, last year’s third-best-selling festival. Historical sales data found that on average, Coachella attracts attendees from 25 countries outside the U.S.

International consumer data collected from the last three years found that Coachella attendees have hailed from six continents. Countries like Egypt and Ecuador to Spain and Indonesia and even Caribbean islands were all represented. Lollapalooza has seen an international audience from an average of 15 countries, while the CMA Music Festival brings in fans from four outside nations.

In terms of U.S. sales, Coachella sees patrons come from an average of 37 states. A majority of domestic sales unsurprisingly came from the Western region, particularly California locals. Southern state residents accounted for 14 percent of the nation’s total. The Midwest and Northeast regions combined for the remaining 16 percent.

Coachella Facts & Figures - US Sales

Fellow best-selling festivals Lollapalooza and CMA Fest saw the most domestic sales come from their own state/region. The former drew 74 percent of ticket sales from Midwest, with over half of that figure stemming from Illinois-based buyers. Nashville’s country bash saw 72 percent of attendees come from the Southern U.S. Its next highest-selling region was the Midwest at 16 percent.

Coachella Ticket Prices and Trends

Coachella ticket prices can fluctuate but typically carry the steepest cost of all major festivals. This is partly because tickets are only sold for three-day admission and by default will be more expensive than single-day passes. But by and large, the festival has cultivated a tremendous following that can spike prices simply by demand. Since 2013, ticket prices have been steadily on the rise. However, they are always exclusively higher when purchasing passes for the festival’s first weekend of events.

Coachella Ticket Prices Year over Year

Over the past five years, admission into the final weekend costs 20-30 percent less than the prior weekend. The biggest drop-off came in 2015 when attendees saved $185 seeing headliners AC/DC, Jack White and Drake. Last year’s second weekend tickets offered similar savings. Festival-goers grabbed 2018 Weekend 2 passes for $184 less than Weekend 1, though it remained the highest-priced pass in recent years.

Coachella performances are anxiously anticipated for months on end, causing a climb in ticket prices leading up to that moment. Once the headliners’ sets are unveiled (and instantaneously shared on social media and web livestreams), the anticipation is gone and gives fans an exact look at what they can expect the following weekend. Because of this, those looking to save money (and don’t mind the occasional spoiler) will find it’s best to grab Weekend 2 tickets.

When to Buy Coachella Tickets

The early bird gets the worm, especially when it comes to snagging Coachella tickets. Of the top three festivals, California’s bash had the hottest immediate ticket sales the last two years. Consumers flooded the secondary market to grab early tickets within the first month of the official lineup announcement, typically occurring in early January. The 2017 installment in particular drew an astonishing amount of early ticket sales upon the original announcement that Radiohead, Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar would headline (though Beyonce ultimately delayed her performance a year due to pregnancy, giving Lady Gaga the 2017 slot).

In the month leading up to kick-off weekend, Coachella sales slowed but remained present. Last-minute purchases made throughout the duration of the festival were even slower.

Coachella Facts & Figures - Buying Timeline

Lollapalooza saw similar buying trends with minimal amount of orders placed during the gathering. On the other hand, CMA Fest proves to be a far more popular last-minute buy. A majority of consumers bought their ticket in to the festival only weeks before. A similar amount of buyers waited until the weekend of to obtain a ticket. See the full breakdown of the two below.

Lollapalooza & CMA Ticket Trends

Coachella Facts & Figures Wrapped Up

Thinking of going to Coachella 2019? Considering its historical trends, ticket prices are expected to be steep, especially weeks after the lineup announcement. Opt to purchase passes for the final weekend in order to save money. Music lovers rush to secure their tickets quickly, but there is still a window to purchase in the weeks before. Browse Coachella 2019 tickets with no fees here.

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