Breaking Down an Epic Run: Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Ticket Trends

Generating headlines and thrilling fans across North America, Taylor Swift’s 2023 tour is a true wonder to behold. From its start, the stadium run featuring the pop superstar has been special – from breaking Ticketmaster during its initial sales process, to generating record-shattering prices across ticket resale marketplaces, The Eras Tour is one for the ages.

Here at Ticket Club, we pride ourselves on being transparent, starting with our all-in pricing model for members, who can save big on tickets to shows across the globe. So we thought we’d share some of the unique numbers that we’re seeing for people buying tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event, in hopes that it might make a better educated consumer out of you.

BY THE NUMBERS: Taylor Swift Eras Tour Ticket Prices

Opening with two shows at State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona, The Eras Tour has seen high ticket prices paid to see the show at every stop. On opening night, tickets were sold at an average price of $669 per ticket on this marketplace, which somehow stands as one of the most affordable tickets on the entire tour to date. At the other end of the spectrum are shows like the Sunday performance at Soldier Field in Chicago, which saw tickets averaging a stunning $1,573 per seat.

Taylor Swift Average Ticket Prices by Show on The Eras Tour

Top 10 Most Expensive

Venue Name Avg Ticket Price
Sunday, June 4 Soldier Field (Chicago, IL) $1,572.56
Saturday, July 29 Levi’s Stadium (Santa Clara, CA) $1,472.38
Friday, May 26 MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ) $1,402.77
Saturday, May 27 MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ) $1,393.04
Saturday, May 20 Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA) $1,350.86
Friday, June 30 Paycor Stadium (Cincinnati, OH) $1,334.10
Friday, June 2 Soldier Field (Chicago, IL) $1,231.57
Tuesday, August 8 SoFi Stadium (Inglewood, CA) $1,171.88
Sunday, May 28 MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ) $1,144.56
Saturday, July 22 Lumen Field (Seattle, WA) $1,141.70

Top 10 Most Affordable

Venue Name Avg. Ticket Price
Saturday, March 18 State Farm Stadium (Glendale, AZ) $615.76
Saturday, July 8 Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, MO) $643.69
Thursday, April 13 Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL) $664.04
Friday, March 17 State Farm Stadium (Glendale, AZ) $669.81
Friday, April 14 Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL) $714.36
Saturday, April 22 NRG Stadium (Houston, TX) $741.65
Sunday, May 7 Nissan Stadium (Nashville, TN) $802.69
Saturday, April 15 Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL) $814.60
Saturday, June 10 Ford Field (Detroit, MI) $848.62
Wednesday, August 9 SoFi Stadium (Inglewood, CA) $848.79

In terms of overall sales, the April 1 show at AT&T Stadium in Texas has led the way, followed closely by fellow Saturday shows at MetLife Stadium, Gillette Stadium, and Levi’s Stadium. Saturday shows made up seven of the Top 10 overall sales leaders for the tour, while only one Saturday show came in on the bottom ten.

Highest Overall Sales

Saturday, April 1 AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX
Saturday, May 27 MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ
Saturday, May 20 Gillette Stadium Foxborough, MA
Saturday, July 29* Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara, CA
Friday, June 2 Soldier Field Chicago, IL
Saturday, May 13 Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, March 25 Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas, NV
Friday, May 26 MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ
Saturday, March 18 State Farm Stadium Glendale, AZ
Sunday, May 28 MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ

Lowest Overall Sales

Friday, June 23 US Bank Stadium Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, July 23 Lumen Field Seattle, WA
Friday, June 9 Ford Field Detroit, MI
Saturday, July 1 Paycor Stadium Cincinnati, OH
Friday, April 21 NRG Stadium Houston, TX
Tuesday, August 8 SoFi Stadium Inglewood, CA
Friday, August 4 SoFi Stadium Inglewood, CA
Sunday, April 30 Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, GA
Sunday, April 23 NRG Stadium Houston, TX
Friday, July 14 Empower Field At Mile High Denver, CO

You may notice a trend in that list above – only one of the highest overall sales shows is in the future, but more than half of the low sales totals are for upcoming performances – which means simply that many of those shows will have a chance to catch up. You may have also noticed that the day of the week seems to matter – Saturday’s are higher selling, while Friday and Sunday are lagging a bit.

You’re not wrong.

Sales by Day of Week for Show

Taylor Swift Eras Tour sales by day of week

Saturday dates have seen nearly 50% of the total sales volume for Taylor Swift shows on Ticket Club’s marketplace. Friday dates have a big chunk of the remaining pie at 33% of the total, with Sunday going for just 15%. Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday dates are a tiny percentage, but that makes sense given that the huge majority of dates are over weekends.

In terms of how much people are spending on their tickets by day, there isn’t a huge gap for the main demand days – Saturday is slightly ahead with an average order of $2,836, but Sunday is ahead of Friday by more than $100 on average.

Average Order Value by Day of Week

Saturday $2,836
Sunday $2,739
Friday $2,590
Thursday $2,015
Tuesday $1,172
Wednesday $849

Sure, this is all interesting information – but what good is it for me, the fan shopping for tickets to an upcoming show? Well, how about a breakdown of the upcoming shows, and where the asking price for tickets is at the moment?

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Ticket Prices – Upcoming Shows

IN terms of the most affordable “get-in” price, the market has continued to rise throughout the tour. This might reflect the rave reviews that Swift’s performances have seen from those who have made it, driving ever-increasing demand for those who may have been on the fence when tickets first went on sale.

This weekend’s shows in Minnesota are the most affordable at the moment, with Saturday having a lowest asking price of $1,307 – slightly below the $1,412 low currently available for listings on our marketplace for Friday at US Bank Stadium.

“Get-In” Prices for Remaining Shows – Ranked Lowest to Highest:

*prices as of 6/21/23

Date Location Low
24-Jun Minneapolis, MN $1,307.00
23-Jun Minneapolis, MN $1,412.00
15-Jul Denver, CO $1,461.00
14-Jul Denver, CO $1,510.00
4-Aug Inglewood, CA $1,512.00
30-Jun Cincinnati, OH $1,524.00
8-Jul Kansas City, MO $1,641.00
22-Jul Seattle, WA $1,684.00
8-Aug Inglewood, CA $1,716.00
3-Aug Inglewood, CA $1,730.00
9-Aug Inglewood, CA $1,757.00
23-Jul Seattle, WA $1,758.00
28-Jul Santa Clara, CA $1,867.00
1-Jul Cincinnati, OH $1,869.00
29-Jul Santa Clara, CA $1,869.00
5-Aug Inglewood, CA $1,962.00
7-Jul Kansas City, MO $2,097.00

How do these prices compare to other marketplaces?

If you’re a member at Ticket Club, remember that the price you’re seeing on our website is the price you’d pay, without added fees at the end. Other marketplaces have seats for what might seem to be lower prices, but make sure you check that the fees don’t bring the price to far higher – for an event with prices like Taylor Swift’s tour, those fees can add hundreds of dollars!

Got any thoughts on what city you’d most like to see Taylor perform? Let us know!

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