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TicketClub.com is dedicated to providing the safest and most secure online ticket exchange. We operate on only the most up-to-date and secured online systems, including Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communications on the internet for such things as web browsing and purchasing. The TLS protocol allows applications to communicate across a network in a way designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery. TLS provides endpoint authentication and communications privacy over the internet using cryptography.

Credit card and other personal information is safeguarded to the highest industry standards when you shop at TicketClub.com. We value your privacy above all else. By maintaining Transport Layer Security and adhering to Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliancy, and our own strict corporate security protocol, Ticket Club offers you heightened safety and peace of mind when you use our site.

TicketClub.com utilizes the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to meet secure website standards. To double-check that the page is secure for entering private and sensitive information, customers can click on any "Buy Tickets" button, to be brought to the checkout page. There will be an "https://" in front of the URL instead of the normal "http://." The additional "S" stands for secure, as in Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Most browsers also show a lock graphic next to the URL to indicate that the page is secure.

For more information about our Privacy Policy, take a look at our Policies page.

Thank you for your interest in TicketClub.com. If you should have any further interest regarding security or the selection of tickets listed on our Online Exchange, please call our customer support team at (855) 575-8322 or e-mail at CustomerSupport@TicketClub.com. We appreciate your interest and welcome your call.